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Fit For A Queen

Tara chooses team leaders. She goes with Keith, Uli, Vincent... Vincent? Vincent apparently sold her by wanting to showcase her, instead of the dress. Laura is chosen because she thought about how the dress would look onstage. It kinda seems like everyone should be thinking about that, no? Malan's design is chosen for it's "curvy-lookin'" qualities. She was persuaded by Jeffrey's warrior dress. This little girl is full of surprises. Lastly, she chooses our Kayne of Many Colors. She loves that he's a "pageant freak."

Tara thanks everyone and makes her exit, while the team leaders have to choose their teammates. Tim chooses buttons from the velvet button bag. Laura chooses first and goes with Michael. Kayne of Many Colors says, "Oh, this is so hard," right before he chooses Robert. He was just saying that to make Angela think the decision to not work with her sorry ass was a hard one to make. He interviews that he would have chosen her had she not bothered him during their sketching period, but I find that kind of hard to believe, as he and Robert are OBVIOUSLY a match made in heaven. They'll be perfect. Suck it, Angela.

Jeffrey chooses Alison. Malan chooses Katie. Uli chooses Bonnie. Keith chooses Bradley, and I have visions of love amongst the Project Runway ruins until Keith interviews that he only chose Bradley because he didn't want to work with Angela. While I respect his reasoning, I'm a little crestfallen. Look, I know he's greasy, but I love me some Bradley Baumkirchner. He's like a hot little exploited American Apparel model.

Everyone knows the outcome, but Vincent quite graciously says, "Well, I'm happy to work with Alison." Er -- Angela corrects him on her name. Uncomfortable laughter all around. Celebrate the moments of our lives! I love that shit.

They all head to Mood with a $300 budget for each team. Malan interviews that gowns are his forte. Kayne of Many Colors decides that, though she asked for it, he will not give Miss USA earth tones. He will give her iridescent organza. Purple iridescent organza. Jeffrey interviews that he doesn't know what Kayne of Many Colors is thinking and that his fabric looks like ice cream. I'm sold.

While Vincent is thinking aloud, Angela tells him that there are only fourteen minutes left to buy supplies. He whispers at her to stop saying that because it's making him nervous. You'd think that Angela would take this moment to realize that Vincent is a little crazy. Instead, she antagonizes him. It's a little game of Who Gets The Last Word that is as pointless as it is time-wasting. She tells him that they might leave with no fabric. He says they will have fabric. She says they might not. Argh. Vincent interviews that he can't "hold people's hands." He's afraid to be touched. As well, he can't walk people through situations and comfort and reassure them. Angela says that she is not "inspired by his vision at all." Well, if you could see his visions, it would freak you the fuck out. Do flying hamsters inspire you? That shit is BIZARRE. Also, is it Vincent's job to "inspire" her?

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