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Fit For A Queen

Back at the workroom, everyone is busting ass. Kayne of Many Colors and Robert look like they are having a blast. Oh look, Robert interviews that they are having a great time together. He says they are like a comedy show. I'm seeing Hope & Faith.

We see Michael and Laura working together. She says that she chose him because she thought he would "honestly question" her decisions. That's pretty cool. As she's standing over Michael while wearing one of her clavicle-baring frocks, I'm suddenly struck by concern for her five children. If those babies were breastfed, they were seriously malnourished.

Bonnie interviews that everyone is wondering if this challenge will eliminate one person or two people. She says that she is hoping it is one person, because it "would be a bummer to lose two people at this point." Oh, that's sweet. Sweet like total bullshit is sweet... which is not really sweet. It's just bullshit. She's hoping it's one person, because she's only a helper and she thinks that the designer of the losing dress will surely get auf'd. If it's two and Uli's dress loses, she might be in danger too. She says to Uli, "I wanna see people start fighting."

While Vincent is working on a dress form, Angela is sprawled out over their worktable. "Hey Vincent, do you want me to help you drape the skirt?" He tells her to "hang." Not really cool. He interviews that he "had to get something done" and wasn't able to think of work for her to do. There's just bad mojo with these two. They should not be working together. And Vincent's shirt is unbuttoned far, far too low during his interview. Really, what's the point of a shirt if you're going to wear it like that? Is it just catching drool? Angela interviews that everyone else in the workroom was working together. Finally, she just kind of takes off.

We see Bradley asking Keith some questions about their design as Keith is preparing to go outside for a smoke break. He pats Bradley on the back and patronizingly tells him to "trust me, trust me, trust me." Then Bradley starts clucking like a chicken. Keith interviews that since he did so well on the last challenge, Bradley should know that Keith is really good. Yeah, I mean, while all of those other slackers were trying to make passable garments out of easy fabrics like seat cushions and beaded curtains, Keith had the unenviable task working with a cotton sheet. For real. Not to take anything away from his tailoring of that dress, but the freaking color did half the work. Hopefully, the hypnosis will work better on Bradley than the magnitude of Keith's sheet-tailoring prowess.

Malan tells Katie that organization is the key to success. It's very Mary Poppins. Malan tells a story about how, at the age of 13, he showed his mother a stack of sketches that he had made. She took a look at a few of them, then threw them on the floor and told him that he was wasting his time. They'd never amount to anything. Why am I laughing? It's just so dramatic. I'm seeing Parker Posey as Mimsy. Malan sees the show as a way to really show his mother that he means business.

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