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Fit For A Queen

Tim tells Malan that his dress looks like it has been carved out of a big log. It's too heavy. Malan has a leather dickey attached to his shirt. Must process.

In a neat little break room where there are all sorts of snacks lying about, Keith tells Angela that it doesn't look like she and Vincent are getting along. What follows is a master class in passive-aggression. Keith is clearly trying to fuck with her and she's trying to act like he's small. She tries to play it off like she and Vincent are working well together and Keith shuts her down with a flippant "I don't think that at all." She smiles and says, "I don't value your opinion in this situation." All the while, they're noshing on grapes and whatnot. Then, with this faux cheer, she says that Vincent explained that "it's his challenge; it's his dress." Keith says, "I think he's kinda right on that. See ya!" It's a beautiful thing, that conversation.

Katie, who apparently works in textiles for Target, interviews that she got increasingly worried about their dress. She tells Malan that she thinks there is too much fabric on the dress, but he says it's what he wanted. Katie points out that no woman is going to look at this big dress and want to wear it. She tells Malan that he will get to defend those choices on the runway if they get pointed out.

Scurry time. Laura changes part of her design, because the placement of fabric would "make her look like she's pooping." I'd agree that pooping dresses are probably a touch too progressive for the Miss Universe Pageant. This year.

Robert tries to tell Kayne of Many Colors that there are enough rhinestones on their dress. He replies, "Robert, we bought 4 million gross of rhinestones. We will put them on 'til our fingernails bleed." Robert retorts, "She's a beauty queen, not a disco ball!" They really are a comedy show.

Angela says something to Vincent about not saying on the runway that they ran out of time. Vincent lays into her, saying that she doesn't want any responsibility for the dress anyway. If the dress wins, she won't be responsible for that either. Come on, Vincent. That dress is not winning.

That night, in the apartments, a stunned Angela tells Laura and Alison that Vincent totally likes their dress. Laura says, "I've seen him defend crap on the runway before." I love how she says that like, "Bitch has been around the BLOCK!" There's been one challenge.

In the boys' apartment, Keith says that Angela is as transparent as a "fucking glass window." Vincent knows that she is going to throw him under the bus at the runway the next day. Jeffrey chooses this moment to enter the room, clad only in a towel, and declare, "I got one word for you to sum her up -- feminazi." Okay, between the smoky eye and JonBenet Ramsey, and now Rush Limbaugh references? When am I gonna get to see more of this Jennifer Aniston? Vincent replies with, "Mmm-hmm!" It was really sassy and weird. He's exhibited like 43 personalities in this one episode.

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