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Fit For A Queen

The next day, the designers go to the workroom and start getting their models ready. Team Jolene is thrilled. The dress fits their model perfectly. Katie and Malan are not having as much luck; their dress is like six inches too short.

As Vincent is ironing his gown, he asks Angela to find out when they have to be ready. She says 12:15. He asks her if she's sure, and she is totally sure. Then someone else says it's 12:30. Vincent is pissed that he asked Angela like four times to find out for sure when they had to be ready and she made no effort. He then says that she didn't help at all with the gown. She replies, "You absolutely cannot do that." Ooh, pet peeve. I hate when people tell you that you "can't" be angry with them. Shut up.

Laura tells her hair guy that she's looking for "more red carpet than pageant." I don't know how I feel about all of these people looking down their noses at pageants. How else would venture capitalists and senators find second wives if it weren't for pageants?

Tim calls everyone to the runway. Commercials. This week, the poll at the end of the break is, "Whose side are you on: Vincent or Angela?" They really could have used a "none of the above" on that one.

Heidi greets the designers on the runway. She's got the prettiest red lipstick on. Oh my God, Jeffrey is dressed like a fop. I think I love it. It's so weird. Heidi introduces the judges: Vera Wang, Nina Garcia, and Tara Conner. Oh my God, Tara's hair is so big. That is one righteous fox.

The show begins with Jeffrey and Alison's design. The gown looks like Cinderella after her stepsisters beat the shit out of her when she was all trying to go to the ball, pre-fairy godmother. It seems a little like it's falling off of the model. The shoulder straps are asymmetrical, but it looks like one was ripped off and you're just seeing the slip on one shoulder. At the same time, the fabrics have some really lovely golden earth tones -- as requested. Also, it reminds me of pictures I've seen of Katharine Hepburn in a production of The Trojan Women, so I guess they stayed true to the warrior theme that Jeffrey pitched. Alison says that it would be beautiful if they had another week to work on it.

Next is Keith and Bradley's creation. It's a strapless number with lots of flowing layers. However, there are no legs. Weren't we going to get legs? There are no legs. In the front, it hits like the middle of her calf, but a lot of the other layers fall further down than that. Keith says that he is happy with the dress, but I'm gathering that Keith is pretty much happy with anything with which Keith was involved. Bradley says he felt like the dress turned out very well.

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