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Then, she reminds Melissa that she has immunity and cannot be eliminated for this challenge. She tells them that Tim and a special guest will meet them in the workroom to tell them more about the challenge after which the people onstage will introduce the designers to their friends. Heidi says, "Good luck, I think you might need it." Christopher turns to Melissa and high-fives her and says, "Congratulations!" presumably because she has immunity. Heidi replies, "Why? This might be a lot of fun!" Christopher just looks at her and says, "You just said we needed luck." Awesome. Heidi's looking all "Touche" and reminds them that they get to help somebody and that's nice. These guys -- if there's anything I can say about them, it's that they really seem invested in helping other people.

The designers go to the workroom where Tim greets them and is joined by Johnny Lavoy, consulting hair expert for L'Oreal Paris. What a fantastic name! I feel like he should either be a Vegas gangster or a concert pianist. Johnny is going to be assisting the designers' clients with their hair makeovers. Tim tells the designers that they have been assigned their clients randomly. It's time to meet them!

Sonjia meets Angelica and her sister Amanda. Amanda is the client. She is dressed like a soccer player. Amanda is Angelica's little sister and she's a social worker. Angelica feels like it would be nice to help Amanda, since she's always helping others. And she gets paid beaucoup bucks to do it. Social workers rake it in. I'm so glad that we, as a society, show our appreciation for jobs like Amanda's by just throwing heaps of cash at them. Tons of cash and makeovers, kids, that's what a life in social work has in store for you. (Note: also applies to the teaching profession, but, you probably already know that). It's just how we do.

Amanda tells Sonjia that she hates to shop and isn't very good at it. As delicately as possible, Sonjia wonders aloud if it's because Amanda feels like stuff doesn't look good on her. Yes, that's it. She says that she spent five hours looking for a dress for graduation (from regular person to mega-wealthy? Maybe just college graduation) and nothing looked good. She says that she's pear-shaped, kind of, in a way. She's cute as a button but definitely pear-shaped. No "kind of." Amanda tells Sonjia that she thinks she should be in a dress. Sonjia agrees a sketches a design that would be structured in the bodice and flowing down below. That last part came out wrong.

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