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Next, we see Hilary introducing her friend Jenna to Elena. Hilary says that Jenna is a very bubbly person and tends to wear colors that reflect that. So, she's saying that Jenna is tacky. Jenna admits that her impulse is to wear bright colors. Hilary thinks that they should "sophisticate" Jenna's look. I don't think that word is a verb.

Michele has brought her friend Kate to this circus and Christopher is their designer. She tells Christopher that she usually wears a dress to work and sometimes a blazer. Kate just mimed the blazer. I do the same thing. Michele thinks that Kate should be in boots and a hip, trendy jacket. Jesus, shouldn't we all, Michele? Shouldn't we all? Christopher says that he loves jackets and Michele whispers, "Make a jacket."

Ven introduces himself to Terri and her friend in need, Theo. OK, this group creates this sort of black hole into which all energy and social grace is vacuumed. Terri is trying but everything become dissonant, like an out of tune alto saxophone in the middle of a collection of the world's first chair violinists. It's hard to say what exactly is making this go so terribly wrong. A of all, Theo has weird energy. She's a little defensive and clearly nervous right now but she obviously has a pretty big personality. B of all, Ven is so freaking cold. He's asking questions of her in a way that suggests he's maybe judging her. She tells Ven that the jeans she's currently wearing are 10 years old. He interviews and, yep, he's judging her. With absolutely zero awareness of how he sounds he says that when he first saw Theo he was shocked and disappointed. He says that her proportions are "completely off" because she doesn't have the hip and waist measurements of a model. I mean, where do you even start with that? Not to fight shitty with shitty, but I'd like to point out that Ven is, by far, this year's Project Runway Chub Club President. Like, he's literally close to twice the size of anyone else there. Three times Gunnar's size. I don't see how that doesn't make him a little more understanding in that regard.

Terri says that she would like to see Theo in a dress or a skirt. She says that Theo's 4-year old would love to see her in a dress. Terri is weird too. This whole group is weird. Terri feels like a producer or something, even though she just said that she works in finance. She's pushing for a specific sort of reality show outcome right now. She's playing the "we're gonna cry at the reveal" arc. You can see that she's a little like, "How am I going to make this happen with this lump of coal here. He's giving me NOTHING!" Ven says that he's thinking skirt and top and Theo jokes about him making her a pair of jeans. He doesn't get the joke. This is going to be a disaster.

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