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Dmitry meets his client Angela and her friend Ellena. Ellena says that Angela values comfort over all things. Dmitry, in his odd way, is really happy to have Angela as his client. He says that she's perfect for him because she's very plain. OK? He interviews that he's high fashion but he's also timeless. I guess timeless and plain are sort of the same thing in this situation. Angela and Dmitry agree that they both like contrast.

Martina's friend Christina apparently thinks she needs a makeover and it's Alicia who is going to give it to her. Martina says that she wants men to want to marry her and women to want to be her. She wants to be the female George Clooney. This makes Alicia giggle and I think that's the most emotion that we have seen from her so far on this show.

Melissa's client is Kandace who was brought to her by Jodi. We hear from Jodi that Kandace chooses her shoes first when she's getting dressed. I've heard of worse things than that. Kandace tells Melissa that she is not afraid to not match. Also, she likes dresses.

Nathan is working with Liana, whose friend Joshua nominated her. Liana is a pop singer and she wants something that will make her look not normal. We find out that Nathan has a music degree but the only performer he has ever designed for was his mother and they were playing classical music. Liana wants to be sexy with swag. Danger. She asks for a bare midriff and she wants it to be sophisticated. This thing is designing itself.

It's Fabio! He looks particularly cute today. His client Ko-rely is friends with Judah-lev. I wonder if they're friends because they both have Kryptonian names. Don't get excited. That's like maybe the only comic book reference I'm capable of making. Fabio asks Ko-rely if she occasions to ever wear a skirt. She does but only when forced. Judah-lev says that she tries her best to not be noticed and she adds that she doesn't want to be sexualized. Fair enough. He explains that he gets what she's saying by talking about something sheer over long sleeves -- a way to suggest the feminine without getting all sexy. Fabio says that he's going to make something girly and harsh. Yeah!

Gunnar asks his client Kim's friend Catherine why she submitted Kim for the makeover. She says that Kim has a great big personality and she feels like her look should match her personality. Gunnar asks Kim why she's apprehensive and it looks like she's not. She says that she's really excited and has always wanted to do something like this. Gunnar interviews that he thinks it's important to design for the everyday person. He starts to take her measurements and we hear Catherine tell her to stop crying. Oh my gosh, she's crying. Gunnar stops and asks her gently why she's crying and she says that it's because she's happy. Gunnar asks her if he can give her a hug and then they embrace. Well, if that's not the sweetest. He tells her that this experience is going to be so much fun and he's going to make her into a fox. You know, he's a little prickly a lot of the time, but that just made him look really good. And, he's maintained from the beginning that he designs for the normal person. We're seeing him connect with his demographic personally here, even if he's not always great at connecting creatively. Gunnar interviews that Kim is going to be his driving force for this challenge. He says that it's odd how someone can step into your life at the right time and really affect you positively, even if they don't realize that they are doing that.

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