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We see Fabio skype with his ADORABLE boyfriend, Jason. OK, now I'm annoyed. He's starting to push it with how cool he is. I'm only kidding (kind of). I'm very happy for him. He tells Jason that the competition has been stressful, but he's doing well that day. Jason kisses the camera then shows Fabio his... cat. Fabio interviews that Jason is so cute he just wants to crush him. That's awesome.

Tim comes into the workroom for a consultation and starts with Nathan. He is very respectful of his client's wishes. When he tells Tim that she had wanted a bare midriff, Tim recoils in disgust. Nathan explains that he's doing side cut-outs instead with mesh that is not your "typical hooker mesh." Tim gets a laugh out of that. Ah, hookers. Melissa interviews that Nathan's look is way out of his comfort zone. Christopher is making a dress and a blazer. Tim tells Gunnar to edit some of the colors out of his look. Ven chimes in via interview that Gunnar's construction skills aren't very good and he needs time to develop his point-of-view. Tim tells Gunnar to keep it clean.

Fabio explains his look. Tim wonders if the neck is too high and Fabio says that his girl doesn't like cleavage. He says that he's really happy with the direction of the dress and Tim remarks that he seems to be displaying a newfound confidence. He says that, after being in the top two last week with Melissa, he has regained the confidence that he felt like the judges tried to take away from him. Gosh, he's really lovely. Sonjia appears to be struggling. Proportion is turning into a problem for her.

Now it's time to hear from Ven. He tells Tim that he was shocked when he first saw his client because he has never worked with plus-size before. Tim's reacting to what Ven is saying and says, "What size is she?" Mostly because Ven is talking like he's having to dress Gilbert Grape's mama for the Oscars. Ven giggles and is like, "Oh my God, like a 14?" Doesn't he have her measurements? Why is he guessing her size? The other designers are looking over at him and expressing some distaste. It's good to know that this is seen as bad behavior to the people were nearby and not just us at home. He says that she has no shape and no sense of style, whatsoever. Fabio interviews that Theo is beautiful and curvy and came to their workroom hoping to get some special treatment. He says she's stuck with a designer who is not going to give her what she wants. He laughs again to Tim and tells him that the before picture is a nightmare and the after picture will be drastically different. Elena interviews that she lost respect for Ven.

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