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Then, Ven calls her old. Jesus, this guy is just an asshole. Tim seems sort of flummoxed by Ven's attitude. He moves onto Dmitry and questions whether the look he has created is too simple. Elena thinks it's really boring. In the sewing room, Elena asks Gunnar how he created this sheer overlay thing. She tells him that she loves it... and it's different from what he ALWAYS does. Everybody just sort of laughs at how blunt she is. Gunnar interviews that sometimes she rubs him the wrong way, but sometimes he gets it.

The clients come in with their new hair. They look great! Ko-rely loves her dress! Also, Elena hugs her model and Dmitry interviews that it's the first time he has seen her be nice. "It's about time," he says. Ven says that Alicia is in trouble. She's making a pink dress and everybody's talking about how it's just not in her wheelhouse. Nathan's girl likes her dress, but that doesn't really help things. Kim is worried about her figure being too full but Gunnar tells her that she's going to look great on the runway.

Theo comes in and Ven tells her that her hair is great. Then, he immediately talks about how he's going to put her in black, because it's slimming. Ew. This woman has never said that she was worried about being fat. Then, he tries on belts, all of which are too small. This guy is an idiot. Everyone in the room sees what's going on too.

The next day, Fabio, Gunnar and Dmitry discuss who they think will go home. They feel that both Nathan and Ven are in trouble. Fabio thinks that Ven's treatment of his client was neither sophisticated, refined or elegant. In the other apartment, Ven is still bitching about his model. He says that he had the biggest model, but I don't think that's true. I think Kim is just as big, but she had a designer who was inspired to help her.

Back at the workroom, Tim greets all of them. They have a little extra time (an hour extra) for hair and make-up. The fittings begin and Ven is such an asshole. Finally, Theo tells him that he's made his point and it's embarrassing. She knows he thinks she's fat. He interviews that he didn't say anything like that and I think he is legit clueless. Seriously. All of the designers are offended as well as the other clients. And, he's just sort of bleh. He's really a shit heel. Terri even starts crying at one point. Theo has a talk with him about how her friend is unhappy and he shows very little emotion. He just chalks it up to a designer and client not connecting. He makes an attempt to try to calm her by saying that he was surprised by how great her hair looked when she walked in. Wrong again. As Terri is walking out of the workroom, she tells Terri that she would never wear the outfit Ven made.

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