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Time for the losers, Sonjia makes a case for her dress. Amanda seems happy with it too. Heidi doesn't like the knot, nor does she enjoy how short it is. Alice says that the proportions are all wrong. Ven says that this is the first time he's worked with a "real woman." Both Terri and Theo say that they weren't happy with the look. Heidi says that she finds it so odd when someone talks about "real" women. She can't see Terri wearing the outfit. Nobody likes the fabric of the bodice. Terri admits that she and Ven didn't get along. Theo gets emotional and says that Terri has four kids and a husband who stays at home (Sexist? She acts like that is one of her hardships) and she travels four hours for work each day. She wanted a day when she could feel special. Nina likes the skirt but really hated the top. Michael thinks that Ven didn't want to delve into the life of this real person. Heidi says that it's Ven's fault and they don't love his outfit. Nathan explains that he was creating a stage costume. Heidi thinks it looks cheap. Nina thinks it's a mess. Alice doesn't know what "hoochie mama" means. Michael teaches her.

The judges confer. They are insulted by Ven's "real women" attitude. He showed no concern for his client. They felt Nathan was a seamstress. Nina thinks that he should have led her. Heidi thought that Sonjia's dress looked like a maternity dress. Alice doesn't seem like any fun at all. Michael thinks that Fabio had the biggest challenge and created something special and unexpected. They feel like Gunnar helped Kim unlock her personality. They love the choices that Dmitry made for Angela.

The designers return to the stage. Fabio is the winner! Yay! Christopher hugs him backstage. Gunnar is in. Dmitry is in. Heidi says that one or more of the remaining three will be out. Nathan... is out. Aw. Sad. Nathan thanks everyone and leaves. He cries in his interview and says that he likes to alter people's lives with his clothes. Heidi tells Sonjia that she's in. It's just Ven left alone on the runway. Heidi says that he didn't do his client any favors and they wonder if he has flexibility. He's in. Boo. Backstage, he says that he doesn't think he should have been the last person there because some other looks were really weak. Then, Tim comes in and says that they are losing someone with "profound qualities of character." What an interesting juxtaposition. Nathan was such a sweet guy. I'm sorry to see him go. Ven, you're dead to all of us.

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