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When the designers get to the work room, they find that they will be sharing a table. All of the extras have been removed and they marvel at the extra space. Josh says that they are going to use the extra room for a dance party and then he does a rather expert round-off. What I really like about Josh is the level of reserve that he maintains. He really likes to fly under the radar and you just have to respect that. Josh says that he is focusing on beating Emilio. Emilio seems confident and is more concerned with making something appropriate for the afternoon. Uli is going to use feathers and fringe... again. Josh asks Laura Kathleen if she is going to use any feathers in her look and she says that she doesn't need feathers to compensate for her design. Well, you know what? I like a little shade thrown from time to time and we have to admit that Laura Kathleen threw with integrity intact. Also, I think she's essentially kidding. And, Uli's clearly awesome, so I doubt Laura Kathleen thinks that she's puncturing her self-confidence or anything like that. Josh hoots and is all, "You said it!" which actually seems ruder than what Laura Kathleen said. Anthony Ryan interviews that teeth and claws are out. Laura Kathleen says that she may be using a little fur with her look. It looks like she's going in the pant suit direction again. Anthony Ryan seems fairly confident about what he's doing. He says that he wants you to want to have sex with his girl when she walks down the runway. I get what he's saying but maybe he has the wrong audience for that. Can we want to braid her hair?

At Mood, everyone seems to be doing fairly well. Emilio and Joshua keep going after the same materials. Ivy chooses a really expensive fabric and she sees it as a huge risk.

Back at the work room, Anthony Ryan feels that Ivy is trying to keep her work hidden from him, though he claims to have zero intention of copying her work. Ivy wonders why Anthony Ryan won't respect her personal space. It's probably his hair and he's not even conscious of the fact that it's crowding her. Uli had planned on avoiding feathers for this challenge, but it calls for them too much for her to resist. Laura Kathleen interviews about how she considers the use of feathers a cop out and I don't understand what the hell she's talking about. She says that use of trim is more styling than designing and I think she's completely wrong. The feathers that Uli uses change the silhouette of the look. That's design. Anthony Ryan says that Uli has Laura Kathleen beat with her ability to make something look high-end, but Laura Kathleen is the leader when it comes to construction. I think that's what Laura Kathleen is talking about, but really what she's saying is that she thinks that being a good seamstress is being a good designer. Anyway, she's going to make a fur coat for her girl because she thinks that everyone in the '20s had a fur coat. Perhaps they did. Anthony Ryan says that the competition has set in and he's starting to get really stressed out.

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