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Everybody's jamming. Josh is using a really garish floral pattern as his muslin, but honestly I had to be told that. I would not put it past him to use that as his actual fabric. It's hideous though. Uli asks Joshua if he has ever been to a garden party and he reveals that the only parties that he has ever been to in New York are fire escape parties and rooftop parties. He seems to appreciate it, but parties like that are the absolute best.

Anthony Ryan is making a capelet. A little cape. It's made of feathers. He feels like it will be a showcase piece. Josh models it for Anthony Ryan and it is gleeful and embarrassing. Ivy is trying to make chevrons and all sorts of stuff for her look and Uli thinks that she's making her life too complicated. Well, if it were as easy as just not sewing as much, I think we'd all have simpler lives. But, lots of things make our lives complicated, Uli. For instance, I just saw the film adaptation of the musical Les Miserables and now I totally have to reevaluate where I think Amanda Seyfried belongs on the cinematic landscape. Because, you know something? She was actually pretty great and Cosette is a totally thankless role that you CANNOT really win with, not with Eponine being your counterpart and belting maybe the most satisfying pop ballad in musical theater history. I mean, right? It's like real poppy pop music. You don't even really have to like musicals to dig that song. Demi Lovato could make a hit out of that song tomorrow. My point is, it doesn't matter how genius you are, no uptight blonde who is pure and sings legit is going to win next to Eponine. It's a sad truth. But, Seyfried, man. She kind of pulls it off. I have a lot of soul searching to do. Don't even get me started with Hathaway oh my god.

Laura Kathleen is using a beaded fabric and, learning moment, it's pretty impossible to sew over beads. So, Laura Kathleen is looking for a hammer to break some beads. Uli offers her some pliers, which I actually think is very nice. She'll crush the beads over her seam allowance so that she can sew it. Anthony Ryan jokes about Uli helping the competition and Uli just jokes that now Laura Kathleen is going to take her down. I think this might be the moment where I've officially decided that I want Uli to take the whole thing. I want her to win this. I just think she's a quality person and awesome and talented and that's that. Laura Kathleen interviews that she has a lot of respect for Uli, but it's going to be an honor for her to take Uli out of the competition.

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