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Ivy's dress is next. It also has that drop waist. The fabric that she used is indeed beautiful and looks very expensive. She has cut it so that the lines of sequins are at an angle that ends in an inverted chevron at the center of the dress. At the bottom of the dress, she has used this very delicate feather that may prove problematic. It's so sparse that it just looks accidental.

Anthony Ryan's dress is a sort of shapeless mini-dress. The fabric seems reminiscent of the '20s, but I wouldn't say the dress itself has that much in common with the era. His feather capelet is really cute. Is this the season of feathers or WHAT? I don't feel like I've ever seen as many as these guys have used.

After the show, all of the designers return to the stage. Georgina thought that Josh's dress was modern, but she wasn't wild about the brooch or the handbag. Carolyn and Isaac think that it's maybe too safe. Jenny feels that Emilio's dress is elegant, though a bit dated. Isaac finds it '30s as well. Emilio tries to say that it's late '20s. Isaac loves Uli's dress but thinks that her white fringe makes it look cheaper. Gretchen asks her to take off the wrap and they all seem to like it better without it. Isaac thinks that Laura Kathleen's look has a heavy silhouette when the girl is wearing the fur. Georgina thinks that the model's hips look big. Carolyn thinks that Ivy's dress is very Prada, which is only partly a compliment. Jenny doesn't like the feathers at the bottom. Gretchen thinks that she could see someone wearing this look. Jenny loves Anthony Ryan's look. She does think that it could have been more form-fitting. Isaac has the strangest moment, where he hates the capelet and has Anthony Ryan take it off. Then, he puts it back and Isaac says that he was wrong.

Uli has the high score from her face-off, Emilio from his and Anthony Ryan from his. The designers leave the stage while the judges confer. Jenny still doesn't like Anthony Ryan's capelet. It appears that Emilio and Joshua had very close scores. In fact, they won't even discuss Josh as a candidate for elimination.

The designers return to the stage. You know, all of this stuff was pretty good. Emilio is safe. The winner of the challenge is Anthony Ryan. Wow. I didn't expect that. He interviews that Ivy won't be giving him a 5 again anytime soon. Uli is in. Backstage, they point out that this is the third consecutive time that Ivy has been in the bottom. Joshua is safe. Laura Kathleen is... out. Ivy is stunned. Laura Kathleen goes backstage and says that she knew she'd get kicked off with a feather on her head. FEATHERS! She says that she's not sad because she has been given so much in life already. You know, if, say, I don't know, Jennifer Lawrence were to say that after she lost an Oscar race, I might believe it. Because, Jennifer Lawrence seems like a totally rad girl. When it comes out of Laura Kathleen's mouth it sounds an awful lot like, "Don't worry about me. I don't need this shit. I am RICH, Bitch." It just does. It sounds like that. I'm not making it up. Trying for just a moment to be generous, I suppose she could be acting from a place of insecurity. That seems like such an easy excuse though. Anyway, I hope she figures this stuff out.

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