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Flower Power

James absolutely accurately remarks that the designers saw Austin's cornhusk dress from last year and didn't want to use delicate plants that might die. Heidi says that she likes Kara, Chloe, and Daniel. Michael thinks Daniel's dress was charming, chic, and wearable. Mark says that Daniel captured the "spirit of the project." Heidi says that Chloe's dress really looks like fabric. Michael likes Kara's use of texture.

Nina says that Andrae and Nick are her lowest scored designers. Michael laments that Nick can't ever explain his idea for a design "in a logical way." James says that, though Nick said differently, his design was the "most Paris Hilton"-looking design he had seen on the show. Michael says, "It's hard to make leaves look vulgar." No it isn't. Heidi thinks that Andrae's dress was boring. She's hating it. Nina defends him, saying that you could see a "Audrey Hepburn" influence and that he "thought about it." Nina thinks that Santino needs to think more "about the woman" who would be wearing his design. Mark thinks that he's trying to make "wearable art." And that's a bad thing in this case.

The designers return. Santino is "in." Kara is "in." Daniel is the winner. Nina says that it is "fantastic" that he used flowers. He's immune for the next challenge. He interviews that his heart goes out to the designer who will be leaving. Chloe is "in." It's Nick and Santino. This sucks. Heidi tells Andrae that his dress fit poorly and was not innovative. She tells Nick that his "taste level wasn't there." Nick is "in." Poo. He hugs Andrae and whispers something, which provokes Andrae to say, "Oh, shut up. Only one person's allowed to cry on the runway." He, bless his heart, kind of still flails a little bit, but makes it off of the runway with his composure intact. He interviews that when he was still in the competition he felt like "an angel -- floating above the street." But now, he's just like us common mortals. Tim seems sad to see Andrae go, as do all of the designers. "This is what I do." Those are the last words we hear from Andrae. Now, I'll tell you that I saw Andrae two nights after this episode aired, at a bar in the East Village in NYC. Because I'd had my third gin and tonic, I thought it would be a Great! idea to say hello. Um, Andrae's familiar with us. And maybe not all in good way. He was absolutely adorable, though, and completely nice. Just remind me not to introduce myself to people I've publicly compared to Von Trapp children. Andrae = good sport. Me = dumb.

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