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Flower Power

Back at the Atlas apartments, the boys decide to go to the rooftop deck. As they are waiting for the elevator, Daniel says, "The 35D boys. Still intact." Then, they all do a hands-in "Go Team!" sort of thing. Nick sees through it, though. He interviews that there is a "definite competitive vibe" because it is becoming clearer that they are each other's competition. It doesn't seem to be dampening their moods, though. Santino interviews that the competition has become "hardcore." "I will not be happy until I am the fucking winner." No confusion there.

It doesn't look like the girls were invited to the rooftop party. We see Kara cleaning her and Chloe's kitchen. Chloe interviews that she hopes either she or Kara makes it to the final three, because "there should be one woman in there." Just to rub in how much more fun the boys are having, we see them getting ready for lights out. "Good night, John Boy" is heard from several of the guys as Daniel turns off the lamp. Okay, seeing it written, it doesn't sound like they are having some wild party or anything, but they're clearly all in pretty high spirits.

The next day, Tim Gunn arrives at 35D. Andrae opens the door and is really stunned to see Tim. Let's be real, though -- from what we've seen, it doesn't take much to stun Andrae. Tim tells them that they are taking a field trip. Nick thinks that maybe they are going to one of "those fabulous Park Avenue apartments where people actually have gardens." Then, he goes to the girls' apartment. Chloe answers and is happy to know that they will be spending the day with Tim.

They start walking. Daniel interviews that he is unsure where they are going, because there are no fabric stores in the area where they are. Well, Tim's already thought of that. They are in the flower district. Now it becomes clear. They have to design a dress using plants and flowers. Ohhhh, Garden Party! Chloe interviews that she was like, "God, I don't want to deal with this." They will have $100 and an hour to shop at one of three flower shops on the same block. Nick says that he was dreading the challenge, but kept a smile on his face. I guess you want to keep a positive face in front of Tim, 'cause I'd be all, "God! Why? I'm tired!" Nick continues, saying, "I had to stay long enough for the damn 'Make a dress out of flowers' challenge."

Daniel seems to know what he's doing straightaway. This is juxtaposed to Kara, who seems thoroughly confused. As Nick is perusing a wall of flowers, we hear him interview that he was "looking for something that was bendable." Then we see him accidentally break the stems of a bouquet of flowers. Those don't bend. He says to the camera, "You didn't see that." Thank God they're not making clothes out of babies. You get in trouble if you break babies. Nick says that he is not sure what to do.

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