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Flower Power

Santino looks like he's doing fine. Besides flowers, he also grabs some mesh and other supplies. Chloe says that she doesn't want to work with anything too delicate, so she chooses leaves.

We see Daniel talking to a salesman at one of the flower shops. He tells the guy that (post-plant supplies purchasing) he only has $65 remaining for actual plants. The guy tells Daniel that he's in trouble. Nick also remarks that flowers are expensive.

Andrae tells us that he worked at a florist's as a child. "I don't feel like I'm in the deep end of the swimming pool." When Tim tells Andrae that he has thirty minutes to finish shopping, Andrae announces that he has finished getting everything that he needs.

Kara doesn't know what her "idear" will be; however, she has bought flowers so there will be "more flower to the structure." Santino stretches his budget by doing what appears to be some negotiating. In return, he gives a shout-out to Plant House in his interview. With seconds remaining in the shopping hour, Chloe is buying ribbon. Then it's back to the workroom.

At Parsons, Chloe describes how she will be placing leaves on top of each other for a "cascaded print" effect. We then see Daniel walking down the row of winning designs that are on dress forms. He counts one, two, three of his designs that have won. He interviews that he will keep doing what he has been doing, because the judges obviously like it. He continues, telling us that he has just graduated from college, making his greatest weakness a lack of experience. In the workroom, we see Chloe say, "You're pretty good at everything you do. That's kind of sick, Daniel." Starting to sound a little like The Daniel Show, wouldn't you say? Well, forget what you thought about Daniel, because now it's getting dark. Daniel tells Chloe -- and seriously, I don't know why he thought this was all right to say out loud -- that once he tried to play basketball and he wasn't good at it. I don't know about you, but I'm disgusted.

Tim enters. He tells them that the winner of this challenge will have immunity for the next challenge. Andrae interviews that he would love to win since he has decided that his goal is to make it to the final four designers. There, he is hoping that God will "sort it out." I also hope that God has the chance to take a break from his busy schedule and make sure that Project Runway turns out the way it should. Forget Hamas -- who's going to Fashion Week?! Tim tells them to "Carry On" and he's out of there.

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