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Flower Power

Daniel explains his design to Tim. There's some fancy stuff that he's planning for the bodice that I don't really understand (something about a croissant weave…mmm, croissants). Tim seems worried that Daniel might not have time to finish, but he's forgetting that this is The Daniel Show.

Nick doesn't have a lot of materials. Tim seems worried that Nick may have to make his design a "micro mini." All we need is to see poor Rachael's ass all over the runway again.

Santino has some really colorful foliage for his design. Tim likes the plant, but seems a little wary of the mesh stuff that Santino has on his dress form. "I'm just playing with this right now," he tells Tim.

"What happened to Andrae?" asks Tim, provoking Santino to laugh. Tim goes outside to find Andrae, and the next segment is a hilarious mix of Andrae and Tim talking and Santino imitating Tim inside.

"What happened to Andrae?" says Santino. Really, it's pitch-perfect Tim. "Designers, look out for Andrae. He's our little lamb, okay?" The other designers are loving this. Outside, there's some discussion of whether Andrae's materials will "hold up."

Scurry techno. Chloe's dress is taking a really long time. To pass the time, she asks the designers when they came out to their parents. Daniel says he came out to his parents only a year ago. This stuns Nick, because he thinks it should be easier for people to be themselves these days. He reminisces about his high school days when he was a "rent-a-date" because he was a good dancer. It is true that a man who dances really well usually throws people off of his gay scent. I can think of nothing more heterosexual than a sixteen-year-old busting a move to "I've Got A Crush On You" by The Jets. Excuse me while I download that song.

I'm back. Daniel tells Nick that he grew up in the Bible Belt, in Michigan. His family was really Christian. We see an interview with Daniel where he says that it "was hard…to be labeled a fag in upper middle-class white America." Where is it easy? The Minnelli and Streisand households would seem to be the only places. Daniel then says, "There are certain things you're going to get in a guy and certain things you're gonna get in a girl." He also reveals that his ex-girlfriend doesn't know he's gay. Has she not talked to you since you went to fashion school? Not to cast aspersions or anything, but… Really, do I need to even finish that thought?

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