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Flower Power

The show is over and the designers are called onto the stage. They all stay for the talkback. The models return. The first thing that Heidi says is that she thought they would using flowers and sewing petals together and whatnot. Who the? What the? For $100? Plus, petals are delicate. Everything would die. Mark and James ask Nick why he didn't use more color. He says he was looking for plants that would bend. Nina harps on the color thing too. Nick adds that he was trying to stay away from his usual "Paris Hilton at a resort" look. Michael says that he doesn't think Nick's look is sophisticated.

Mark and James like Chloe's design. They mention that it's very "cloth-like." Can I get an "amen"? Nina says that she likes that Chloe puts a lot of thought into her interpretation of the challenges, and that her design is "very beautiful." Michael, though you wouldn't know it for the hemorrhoid grimace that he's sporting, thinks that Chloe's design is professional and, "in a strange weird way," wearable.

James and Mark think that Kara's is the best-fit design of the bunch. They school me on what was happening on the back of her design. It's called "raffia." The close-up of it is awesome. It looks really nice. Mark says that it looks like it's built on a "little pristine corset." Michael says, "You definitely used the materials," but it you replaced his words with, "And I will not rest until you rot in hell for eternity," he would have still had the appropriate tone and facial expressions.

Mark asks Andrae about the materials that he used. Though I don't hear an audible gasp when he says "baby's breath" (save my own), Michael says that if he was going to use simple supplies, he needed to pay more attention to fit. He mentions the boxy fit and also says that it's stiff and "not joyous." Oh shit, you're trying to push Andrae's buttons. If Andrae's not afraid to show his butt at the Red Lobster, you sure as hell better believe he'll make a scene on the runway. Again. But he's keeping it together for the time being.

James and Mark like Daniel's dress. They like that he used color. They mention that it looks "WASP-y," to which Daniel responds, "Exactly." Nina loves the flowers. "I am crazy about the basket weave you did on the bodice." Okay…I swear to God he said "croissant" earlier. I've never heard of a croissant weave, but I swear he said it. Maybe I should just have a snack. Michael thinks it's adorable.

Mark thinks that Santino's design looks like plastic. Nina asks him if he did something to it, and he admits to shellacking it. She disapproves. Heidi, and I love her for shit like this, says, "I have no problem with it being shiny." Michael responds, "Because you're German," expecting a bigger laugh than he got. Heidi says with a hair toss, "Maybe your plants at home need some dusting off." Slam Kors! Dust your plants, go on. The designers leave the runway.

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