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I Know You Are But Why Are We Designing For Giants?

Next, Heidi pulls out Anthony's name. He's sitting next to Laura and the next name Heidi pulls out is... Laura's. And, he looks around for her. She had to tap his arm to let him know she's beside him. He doesn't know her name, ya'll. Josh and his eyebrows (we've got to talk about them at some point, Gay Man's Eyebrow Manifesto is imminent) are matched with Julie. Now, I know that Josh doesn't want to work with Julie. She's weird and has not really proven herself yet (I love her), but Josh is not a fool. He smiles and makes a tiny crack about "Here we go" but it's fun. He interviews that he's nervous because of her performance in the last two challenges, however, he doesn't make her feel bad and he doesn't set up his team for strife. Go, Josh. Love the hair. We will discuss the brows.

Danielle and Cecilia are working together, which seems appropriate. Anya and Olivier are matched... BY HEAVEN. Seriously, best team possibility of the season. They should kill it, right? Anya interviews that she totally lucked out. Kimberly and Becky are matched. Kimberly interviews that she is not inspired by Becky's designs because they are very plain. Now, I don't hate Kimberly or anything yet, but she's really working the attitude. And, to date, I remember more of her quips than anything about her designs. She should try to switch those things. But, Caroline Herrera bless her for having a normal spelling of her name. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with "Kimberly," people? Cymberlie, Kymberleigh, etc. -- Namers of the world, stop. There's something a little matronly about Becky, but I believe she has some good ideas in her. That leaves Bryce and Fallene. Fallene says that she's about to shit her pants because, after her awful last challenge showing, she's being paired with someone who also had bad results. I think she's talking more about her team's radar position for the judges than any judgment of Bryce's abilities. Bryce agrees that he feels like there is a giant bulls-eye on his team.

Heidi announces that, for the very first time in Project Runway herstory, the fashion show will take place in front of the public and media. Heidi and the giants leave the runway. In the workroom, all of the groups start brainstorming. Anya and Olivier look so cool talking to each other. Josh is making a real effort to try to get inside of Julie's head. Viktor wants to make a Mae West outfit with pants. Bert points out that Mae West never wore pants. Viktor interviews that Bert is too defensive and needs to calm down. Bert's defensive? What it looks like to me is that someone just got their panties in a wad because they got schooled.

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