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I Know You Are But Why Are We Designing For Giants?

Here come the models for a fitting. Anya and Olivier are not happy with the look of their design. So, Fallene cut the fabric for the bodice off-grain. She's a total mess and sobs and apologizes to Bryce for letting him down.

The next morning, they are awake super early. Fallene tells everyone that she's feeling lost so far in the competition. Bryce decides to make a tube top for the design, to replace the bodice. Bert interviews that he feels Bryce is pushy and steamrolled over Fallene. Julie and Josh. They're interesting and I can't really figure out what's going on. If Josh is actually unhappy about something that is going on, he's not really letting it be known, but it's clear that he's not a huge fan of Julie's. I think she's awesome. Olivier's worried that their design might fall apart.

Tim comes in and tells the designers that the fashion show will be outdoors. Fallene is not happy with what Bryce made to replace her botched bodice. Olivier is so cute. His little face looks like honeydew melons. During make-up consultations, the hot daddy make-up dude seems to totally not be into Josh and his manic energy. The hair for Cecilia and Danielle's model is crazy big. Fallene is worried that she shouldn't have let Bryce take so much control.

The designers go to Battery Park for the show. We see the judges talking to the press. Fallene melts down backstage and Tim has to talk her down. The show begins and Heidi introduces the judges, including the awful Kim Kardashian. The show begins with Josh and Julie. They made and pant of white and black squiggly fabric topped by a red bolero jacket. It's dramatic. Julie thinks there's too much embellishment on the design. This is a stupid challenge. I just don't think giants are pretty. There's no real way for any of this to be pretty.

Bert and Viktor's look is next. It's just a long dress with a boring bodice in couch fabric. Bryce and Fallene's look is next. It's a tutu and pants and halter-top. Fallene is correct is describing it as amateur hour. Here's Becky and Kimberly. It's a one-shouldered jacket with slacks. Also, the model is wearing borrowed stilts and is walking super funny. Kimberly doesn't like the pointed collar that Becky created for the jacket because she feels like it is "too Star Track." Seminal, the Star Track is. Anya and Olivier's look is next and it's fine. Interesting fabrics and a nice cut. Olivier wishes that they had worked more quickly. Cecilia and Danielle's look is nice, but the hair... Crazy. Anthony and Laura's design is very pretty and dramatic. They picked some lovely shades of red.

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