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I Know You Are But Why Are We Designing For Giants?

Back at Parson's, the designers are ready for judging. The winner of the challenge will have immunity, as Olivier has for winning last week's challenge. Both Anya and Oliver get passed through to next week. Anthony/Laura, Becky/Kimberly and Cecilia/Danielle have the high scores. That means Josh/Julie, Fallene/Bryce and Bert/Viktor are in the bottom.

They start with the good stuff. They love Anthony and Laura and Anthony says that Laura should take the credit for the success (though he acts a little like he's a saint for bestowing her with the praise. Heidi likes Danielle and Cecilia's look. All of the judges hate the hair though. They love the pants for Becky and Kimberly's look. Nina doesn't love the pointed collar though.

Now, onto the losers. Michael hates the bodice for Bert and Viktor. He thinks it looks really old. Nina thinks it looks like a bad costume. They start blaming each other for the faults in the look. Wow, they really hate Fallene and Bryce's look. Half-assed is the general consensus. Michael does like the little headpiece that Fallene created, so that's good. Fallene says that she should go home if they were the bottom. Onto Josh and Julie. Everyone thinks it's a very bizarre look. Julie laughs along with the judges, but Josh is super serious. Julie says it was her idea and she accepts responsibility.

The judges confer and the designers all return to the stage. Anthony and Laura win -- and Laura has immunity! She hugs Anthony and they leave the stage. She says that winning is great, especially with such a gracious partner. Becky/Kimberly and Cecilia/Danielle are also in. Josh and Julie are in. Bert is in and he pats Viktor on the back before he leaves. Bryce is in. Fallene is... out. She starts crying and gets her kisses from Heidi. She interviews that she's happy to have tried this. She says that she hopes she inspires people to go with their hearts.

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