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Chris loves Joe's outfit. He's says it's very Varla. He thinks she'll love it and will want to run out of the building in it. Rayon explains his experience with Hedda. Tim says it was mean for her to call him lazy. And, both he and Chris like the gloves. Tim says that he should make her wear the gloves. Tim suggests in a whisper that, "You can tell her you've been to a different rodeo. And, don't you-know-what with me." Seriously, the campaign is on. How cute was that?

Keith explains his garment to Chris and Tim. He says that when Sherry Vine is wearing the dress, he will sculpt the swatches to her shape. Tim says that it sounds like a lot of work. Chris says that it's definitely different. Daniel explains his dress. Chris admires the handiwork in the skirt of his gown. Tim notes that too, but also points out that the top is really boring. It is. The top needs to be as exuberant as the skirt is sophisticated. Daniel interviews that he's not worried at all by Tim's critique. Are they not showing that there has been some sort of history this season of Tim giving critiques that didn't turn out to be accurate? Because I'm seeing a lot of cavalier flinging of Tim's opinions out the window. Daniel thinks his design is very beautiful and flamenco. Tim and Chris bid everyone farewell and they're out of there.

Daniel has Blayne try on his dress. Blayne interviews that it's an evening dress and there is nothing drag about it. Jerell is still nervous about LeMay liking his dress.

The next day, Jerell says that he can't wait to see Keith's "wookie onesie" come to life on the runway. In response, Blayne does a pretty respectable Chewbacca. Jerell does one too. Again, not bad. At Parsons, Joe says that this will definitely not be a boring runway show. Tim enters and seconds that emotion. They will have an hour to send the ladies through hair and make-up.

Terri asks Acid Betty if she loves her outfit and she seems a little confused and says yes. Terri interviews that the look is 100% her point of view, so she hopes that Acid Betty will work it on the runway. Sherry Vine tells Keith that she prefers long fringe to the sculpting that he was planning on doing. He interviews that he felt it best to make her happy. Mistake.

In the sewing room, Hedda Lettuce arrives. Rayon tells her that there was a lot of drama the day before, which Hedda seems shocked to hear. The whole lazy thing really bothered Rayon. He says that he really needs Hedda on board and she asks him if he had a breakdown. Funny. They make up and Rayon seems happy about it. Hedda seems like she thinks maybe Rayon is a fool.

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