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Here's Keith's outfit. It's a super short, black-and-white fringed outfit. There's a cutout on the stomach. The fringe is completely asymmetrical. Keith says that Sherry Vine is very Tina Turner. He says it's completely different from anything he has done before. Not sure about that.

Next up is Leanne's dress for Sharon Needles. It definitely has the futuristic vibe she was talking about. It's a short black dress with panels of silver and blue shiny fabric. The panels are folded into triangles. Leanne feels like she really got to show her point-of-view. She thinks Sharon looks great. It does look pretty good.

Heidi calls Blayne, Kenley, Rayon, Stella, and Leanne. They are all safe. They leave the runway. The models return to the runway. Heidi asks Terri to talk about her look. RuPaul loves it. Nina thinks it looks like a cross between KISS and Mahogany. Michael thinks it's powerful and dramatic, but still edgy.

Keith describes Sherry Vine as a sex kitten and Tina Turner. Heidi says that she thinks the fringe looks messy. Keith counters that rock and roll and can be a little bit messy. It doesn't have to be so pristine. RuPaul replies, "Did the dingo eat your baby too, mate? You've got a lot excuses." Well, it turns out the dingo really did eat that baby, RuPaul. She thinks that the fringe is too random. Also, she doesn't think that Sherry's front leg should have been covered. Nina doesn't even know what the dress is. She doesn't know where the belt begins and ends, etc. Michael thinks that it looks like a sad, gray, molting chicken. Nina reminds him that Keith's messiness has been a factor before. He needs to find a tidier way to put everything together. Not everything has to be a puzzle and that's what it feels like right now.

Joe says that his concept was "Ann-Margret on The Love Boat." He wanted to show off what Varla wanted to show off. Nina says he was successful in showing off Varla's assets. She thinks she's terrific. Varla feigns embarrassment and says, "Nina, stop." RuPaul likes that the hip-hugging belt hides Varla Jean's "candy." Heidi says that Varla's body looks amazing and she replies, "You're not the first person who has told me that."

Jerell explains that he was trying to combine Old Hollywood with drama. RuPaul thinks that the dress is too long and makes LeMay's waist look too long. Michael says that he's surprised it's from Jerell. He thinks it looks normal. In fact, he thinks one of his aunts may have purchased a dress like that during a "good bar mitzvah moment." Ouch.

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