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Korto says she wanted to show off Sweetie's legs. RuPaul says that you could tell Sweetie loved the dress. Also, the removable skirt was "very drag." Nina thinks that Korto had a lot of fun during the challenge.

Daniel describes that he was going for flamenco whatnot with Anita Greenkard. Nina wonders why he did something really tame. He thinks sequins and the like are "gaudy." If he made something like that, he says that he would want to throw up looking at it. Heidi wanted more drama and innovation. Daniel says that it's drag, not a showgirl's outfit. Um, if I recall, RuPaul just called them all showgirls not too long ago. Michael said there's no "pow." Daniel disagrees. RuPaul's like, "Hello! These girls gotta make some cash. They don't wanna be selling hormones up in Harlem to make their rent." Good point.

The judges confer. Michael says that everywhere you looked on Terri's design, there was something to look at. They repeat that Joe's belt hid the candy. Nina thinks that it added to Varla's persona. RuPaul says that Sweetie felt so good in Korto's outfit and it added to everyone's enjoyment. Heidi thought that Keith's outfit was messy. Michael doesn't think that Keith is paying attention to the body, only manipulating fabric. RuPaul reiterates that she thinks Jerell's dress was too long. Michael thinks you could find something ill-fitting like it in any costume shop. RuPaul says that Daniel's design didn't live up to the challenge. It didn't make her want to root for Anita or wear the dress. Nina says that Daniel has missed the mark "considerably" with two challenges. This one and the Olympics challenge. Plus, he gets really defensive when they offer criticism.

The designers return to the runway. Terri is in. Shoulda won!!! Joe wins the challenge. That's funny. He has immunity for the next challenge. He interviews that winning has confirmed that he gets stronger with each challenge. He wants to make it to Bryant Park. Korto is in. Jerell is in and seems very relieved. That leaves Keith and Daniel. Heidi says that Daniel played it safe and made excuses. She tells Keith that his outfit was random and messy. They wonder if he has anything else to show. Daniel is out.

He's so bad at this. He shakes his head and kind of just has a little spasm. He awkwardly kisses Heidi and leaves the runway. He says he's sad that he might be letting some people down. He cries with Keith backstage. Keith seems really upset. He cries in his interview that he's sad that it has come to an end. Daniel is cute, but I'm kind of glad that he's gone.

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