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Blayne is next and he chooses Miss Understood. Kenley chooses Farrah Moans, who blows a kiss at Kenley. Kenley laughs like she's so completely afraid. Joe chooses Varla who giggles and prances off the stage. That was funny. Korto says that she loves sugar, so she's gonna go with Sweetie. Sweetie replies, "Watch it, Honey. Might rot your teeth." Again, funny. It's Rayon's turn to choose next and, predictably, he makes it all about him. "Since Rayon has a head of ocean, he needs a Hedda Lettuce." Bwah, boh. Hedda, as if she's just won a People's Choice Award, says, "Oh my God, Thank you, thank you, thank you!" And, she dramatically gallops off the runway. Leanne chooses "the lovely" Sharon Needles. Jerell chooses LeMay who replies, "You won't regret it." Jerell says that he knows and that he expects LeMay will be working it out for him up there on that runway. Terri, who seriously looks like she's in heaven, chooses Acid Betty. That leaves Stella to choose. I would NOT want to be in a room with a drag queen who just got chosen last. But, Stella says to Luisa Verde, "You're fabulous. I adore you." She replies, "Luisa will work it for you." Great -- another third-person talker.

With all of the girls chosen and off the runway, Heidi tells the designers that they will be going to the workroom now to get to know their clients. She tells them to have fun, then turns to Chris and calls him "Chuts." I swear. She asks him what they're going to do now and he suggests that they have German food. She's very excited by the idea of "pretzels and beer." Cause you know that Heidi Klum Seal consumes massive quantities of pretzels and beer.

In the workroom, we get the wacky something-quotable-and-crazy-is-'bout-to-happen music. Tim enters and tells the designers that each of the drag queens has a specific persona and it is the job of the designers to portray that persona in their design. This is their chance to be theatrical and over-the-top and he encourages him to do that. They will have a $200 budget for this challenge and two days to work! They do not want to leave a queen's ass hanging out on the runway. All of the looks will be auctioned off to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. They're the group that does Broadway Bares every year. Hubba, hubba. The designers applaud the charity aspect of the challenge, then Tim let's the queens in.

As expected, there's a drama shit show immediately. Hedda Lettuce calls for Rayon as soon as she walks in. They perform a double cheek kiss upon reaching each other. We see LeMay tell Jerell that she's not "costume-y." She adds, "I don't need to rely on costumes. Have you seen me?" I don't think LeMay understands herself very well. I don't even need to point out how ridiculous it is for a drag queen to say that she's not "costume-y." Sir, I'd suggest that you look up the definition of costume. I understand what she's getting at, but there are clearer ways to get your point across. Jerell interviews that the big part of this challenge is to please his client and create a look that encapsulates her persona, however ill-defined.

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