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Korto asks Sweetie what color palette she likes to work with. That's interesting about Korto -- she did this in the last challenge. I find it kind of compelling that she starts with color a lot of the time. Sweetie answers that she likes "fire" colors -- red, orange, gold, etc. Miss Understood tells Blayne that drag is all about "smoke and mirrors." You emphasize what works for you and you deemphasize what doesn't work. She adds that Blayne is lucky he got her, because if he had gotten Hedda Lettuce drag rules dictate that he would have had to put a bag over her head. Ouch. Jealous much? Unless one of these bitches is super famous in some forum that I don't know anything about, Hedda Lettuce is hands-down the most well known of them. But, I like the cattiness. Continue, ladies. Blayne interviews that Miss Understood's persona is "bright-colored and crazy" and he thinks they will be a great team. That does seem like it should be a pretty good match.

Hedda Lettuce says to Rayon, "I want things. I want shiny. I want pop. I want glamour. I want this. I want that. I want it all in one outfit. Yet, I want to be tasteful...figure!" She's very shy. Rayon interviews that Hedda is over-the-top. She's a professional comedian and her outfits have to stand out. Rayon says that this is a great opportunity to "push the envelope." Stella tells Luisa that she's going to grommet everything, so there will be metal in the dress to match her shoes. Stella really has no qualms about doing the same thing over and over, does she? Sherry Vine reemphasizes for Keith that she's all about "sexy, Vegas, rock and roll."

Leanne is taking Sharon Needles' measurements and to accommodate she has hiked her skirt up around her waist. Classy. Leanne interviews that Sharon is futuristic, so she's going to try to design something like The Jetsons yet fashion forward. Varla, who is a good seven inches taller than Joe, explains that she has a ton of '60s hairstyles. She removes her bangs to show Joe how easy to work with she is. Joe interviews that this challenge is very far from his realm of experience. He suggests to Varla that they go with a retro cat suit and she seems to like the idea of something form-fitting. Joe further interviews that he is approaching this challenge as if he were making Halloween outfits for his daughters.

Anita Greenkard tells Daniel that she likes bright colors. "The brighter the better." Daniel says that Anita is "this glamazon, flamenco kind of dancer." OK. He's going to play off of that, yet make it more "couture." Daniel is so busy being snobby that I feel like he just misses the point all of the time. Anita Greenkard does not look couture. She looks FLASHY. Make it flashy, Daniel! Forget about your tony boarding school high-fallutin fancy accent talking bullshit and make a flashy dress for the fucking tranny! What's the puzzle there? DO IT.

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