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Tim ends the consultations and all of the queens kiss and hug their designers. As they are walking out the door, one of the girls says, "Tim, call me." He laughs. People, I want Tim Gunn to find love. Don't you think he deserves it? Do you remember those interviews where he said he'd had his heart broken years ago and now he's just this spinster? I can't stand it! He's a national fucking treasure, for God's sake. Tim Gunn deserves to get laid. I think we need to do something about it. Now I'm not saying one of those messes up in there is the right candidate, but I just thought now would be a good time to start the MUST FIND LOVE FOR GUNN campaign. I'm thinking a dermatologist or art history professor or artisan cheese maker or perhaps an ACLU lawyer? Something like that. Help me out here. What does it say about us if we just sit here enjoying Tim Gunn while his twilight years are passing with no one to share it with but his cat and Chivas? I don't like what it says, that's what it says.

Next, Tim takes the designers to Mood. Terri says that Acid Betty is like seven feet tall, so she has to get a lot of fabric. Stella says that Luisa Verde likes to be ladylike and she's going to achieve that be bringing slickness. I know, doesn't sound very intuitive. I think she knows what she's talking about. Kenley says that Farrah Moans looks like Marilyn Monroe, so she wants to create a design that is Old Hollywood, yet over-the-top. There's lots of scrambling at the end of their time at Mood. As she's checking out, Terri says to a clerk, "There ya' go, cha-ching-ching-ching." I'm not sure, because I'm not psychic, but I'm thinking that maybe Terri and I are supposed to be friends. Because it would be very easy for her to make me happy. A little "cha-ching-ching-ching" and I would seriously laugh for like two minutes. Really. Her life would be so easy -- at least the portion of her life dedicated to making her new best friend laugh.

Back at the workroom, everyone gets to work. Tim comes in and tells everyone that the winner of this challenge will have immunity in the next challenge. He says that should be a big incentive for them to pull out all of the stops. Keith interviews that he didn't get immunity in the last challenge (because having your design worn by Brooke Shields on network television is prize enough), and he feels like he "deserves" it. So, he wants to get it this time.

I see Blayne, who is wearing some neon pink boa, demand that someone "put the boobies on." It's Joe he's talking to, who replies, "OK, I'll put the boobies on." Varla Jean has left her bra and boob inserts to assist Joe in creating his design -- or perhaps to inspire him otherwise? So, Joe puts this bra on and does the dumbest chicken dance. But, good for him for being game in the first place. The bra is going to help a lot, since they are still having to use men's mannequins for the design. Daniel asks Kenley to take her bra off, so he can use it for his mannequin. She thinks it is as ridiculous thing to ask, as do we. Her breasts remain supported.

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