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Korto diplomatically interviews that Sweetie is a "full-sized woman." She has never designed for a drag queen before and is out of her comfort zone. In the sewing room, Kenley is fretting about having to sew sequins and Joe says that he's just going to have fun. He says, "You better work." I guess that's appropriate enough, but I still feel embarrassed for him right now. Jerell asks Terri if she has done a lot of drag stuff before and she says yes. See? I love her. Terri interviews that she is making a kimono and a super-tight legging, to correspond with Acid Betty's '80s punk rock aesthetic. Terri tells the sewing room that drag queens are serious, like Miss America.

Blayne walks up to Korto with some pink fabric wrapped around his head and says, "If I were a drag queen, my name would be 'Neonlicious.'" She laughs at him in the "YOU ARE A TOTAL IDIOT" way. He tells Stella that she would be "Leathalicious." Unnecessary, because she's already a woman, but I don't think he's coming from that place anyway. Stella interviews, "Blayne is really cute. But, he knows nothin'. He just knows "Girlylicious," what is that?" That's pretty awesome. He knows nothin'. That's a pretty astute way to describe what's going on with Blayne. Leanne says that everything is "licious" with Blayne. Even "licious" is "liciouslicious." If she hears the word again, she'll barf, which would make her "barflicious." He asks everyone what their drag names would be and Korto answers "Annoyedlicious." Perfect again.

The next day, the designers are all back in the workroom. Keith says that, upon entering the workroom, there was no doubt that they were designing for drag queens. Jerell says that he's making a big dramatic collar for his dress for LeMay and he hopes she likes it, because he doesn't want to go home. He tells us that he grew up in a lower middle-class family. Life was about survival. He learned early on that anything was achievable -- just have to go out there and grab it. Leanne tells Jerell that his dress looks beautiful.

Oh God, I'm a bad person. This next part was so annoying for me. Rayon interviews that he was daydreaming at his workstation and his late grandfather who really loved gardening came to him in a vision and said, "'Rayon, you need some seeds for your dress.' And, he just started scattering these seeds on my dress. And, all of a sudden, I started seeing these bibb lettuces popping up on the garment." I know. He says that he's very confident that Hedda Lettuce is going to like it. He tells Jerell that he's going to put the lettuce heads on the gloves of his outfit, but he has to see how looks in it first. Jerell tells Rayon that his look is hot, which I think is a pretty nice thing to say. Then, Rayon interviews that he was in college when his grandfather died and he still gets emotional talking about it. Then, he gets emotional. Then, he kisses both hands and blows it to the sky. Looks like we've got some fertilizer for those seeds now. I'm sorry, there was just something inauthentic about that whole moment to me and it's probably just my own discomfort at Rayon's naked yet rehearsed emotion, but whatevs.

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