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With nine and a half hours before the end of the day, the designers are all fast at work. Keith says that Sherry Vine likes bling, so he's creating a "fringe tiling" piece. He says that he still has a few fringe techniques that will look completely different from anything that he has created. Well, he should employ them, because his dress currently looks a lot like his toilet paper dress from the New York inspiration challenge. Kenley interviews that she doesn't know how long Keith is going to be able to get by on swatches. There's nothing drag about his outfit either -- there's no color or flair or drama. It's just the swatches that he always uses. In the sewing room, Kenley, who really should be minding her own business, whispers to a lettuce-making Rayon that Keith is working with his swatches again. To his credit, Rayon doesn't engage in any idle Kenley gossip.

In the workroom, Tim enters and tells everyone that their models have arrived for a fitting. They will have an hour with the clients. Tim urges all of them with his Bill Clinton lecture hand to "make it work." Then, a bunch of boys come in. I guess it's unrealistic to expect them to get all dolled up for just a fitting. Also, this is the sort of reveal that Project Runway lurves. Kenley doesn't even recognize the boy version of Farrah. He totally looks like a junior high gym coach, which is sort of perfect. This is completely obvious, but it's weird to me how boys just have longer faces and thicker jaws. Seeing all the guys in the room, they don't really look anything alike at all. But, when they were all in drag I was thinking that several of them looked similar -- there was a room of long-faced girls earlier. It looked like a glamorous family reunion of big-boned people. Blayne says that Miss Understood is actually "this short little Mexican dude" named Alex. Terri's girl looks at the design and says that her titties will be hanging out in the look. Terri agrees and says, "I love a titty hanging out. I love a wardrobe malfunction." I do believe that Terri has spent a lot of time with drag queens. Everything she says should be like minted and distributed on fliers at drag clubs. They'd love this shit.

Man Sweetie, who honestly looks much better as a woman, is wearing Korto's outfit and says that he is worried that the skirt of her look emphasizes his man bits. He adds that you can take in on a big girl, but you can't let out. I totally accept his expertise, but I can't figure out why that's the truth. I would assume that some big girls have the tendency to get even bigger, so you'd best be able to let the hell out of some dresses every once in a while. Korto interviews that she has designed for plus-sized women before and they like to be fly and cute just like everyone else. Sweetie asks Korto how she looks and Blayne replies, "Amazing." Sweetie replies, "No one asked you, other designer." Uh, wow. Some people are always "on." Then, he says re: Kenley's design, "I'm gagging at the silver sequins across the room." Kenley replies, "She's not 'sweetie' at all."

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