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LeMay is concerned about the collar on Jerell's look. She thinks it hides her face. Jerell thinks that the collar adds the interest to the garment. It is a pretty cool collar. She pricks her finger on a needle and jokes, "I'm suing." Varla Jean, who is actually a kind of cute guy, says that the collar on Joe's look needs to be a bit more feminine. Currently, it's standing up and creates kind of an Elvis look. Varla Jean plays around with it a bit and lays it down. She says she sort of likes the nautical feel of the collar lying flat. It's like the Navy. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Luisa tells Stella that she can pull in her corset tighter. She attests to being able to break a rib overnight. Stella replies that she doesn't want her to suffer and Luisa replies, "Come on, Stella." Hedda, who looks kind of like a fratty d-bag out of drag, tells Rayon that she can see where he's coming from but she's nervous. She thinks the lettuces look like barnacles. Then, Rayon adds another layer to the dress that Hedda is already wearing and she clearly thinks it's too much. She says she looks a little like Godzilla. She asks Rayon what he plans to do about sleeves and he replies that there are no sleeves-- that's what the gloves are for. Hedda asks, and I think she was just joking, if Rayon was being lazy and didn't want to make sleeves. Rayon replies, "Unh-nnn." Hedda says, "Are you lying to me?" Terri and Korto hear this exchange and giggle. Terri's all "No she didn't" in an interview. Hedda starts giving notes, including suggesting that the glove be made into a half sleeve. Rayon interviews that he's getting annoyed at Hedda's multiple suggestions. He says that he's not going to make something that he doesn't believe in-- he just hopes that Hedda doesn't try to undermine him on the runway. Hedda says that everything she is saying, she is saying out of love -- "unconditional and pure. Just get it right."

With seven hours remaining and the queens gone, everyone is back to work. Rayon explains the situation with Hedda to Stella and Jerell. Stella says that's fucked up. Jerell says that he will need to read Hedda's ass back to her if she tries to come at him on the runway. Rayon says that he will not let Hedda . He will not let her dictate his future on this show. Rayon calls her "soggy lettuce." Harsh.

With six hours remaining in the day, Tim enters with Chris March. He's going to make the rounds with Tim, so the designers will benefit from his expertise. Chris says that it's insane to be back there. They like Korto's outfit. She questions the skirt portion of her look and Chris suggests that it be made removable, for dramatic effect. He says to Korto, "What do you think drag queens do?" Blayne shows his work to Tim and Chris. There are these bright wing structures on the back of the dress. Tim says it's like "a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park." All of the designers laugh, because how could you not? Blayne, who is wearing a pink glove, shakes his finger at everyone. He interviews that Tim has just given him the greatest compliment, because why would he want to make something ordinary? That's very "I know you are, but what am I?" isn't it? He says that his outfit is going to be "draglicious."

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