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Yeah, so they are going to make tasteful looks based on the flavors of gelato on this menu board. April interviews that some of the names of gelato don't really reveal what the gelato will taste or look like (i.e. "Fruits of the Forest"). Yeah, that's hard. Michael gets to choose first because he won the challenge last week. The cart is on the other side of the runway, so he has to walk over there and put a button with his name on it beside the flavor of his choosing. He sing-songs in an interview that he knew he wanted grapefruit. As he's crossing the runway, he stops and does a little hip cock, which gets a laugh from Rami who is seriously growing more muscular by the episode. When Michael is finished putting his button the menu, he is given a cone of grapefruit gelato and a fabric swatch. It's a pale pink and Michael says that he was hoping for more of a ruby red color, though he thinks that the color he got was beautiful as well.

Michael gets to choose the person who picks next and Rami interviews that he knows how this cookie is about to crumble. Yeah, you see, there's not even the slightest hint (except for maybe Mila not being wild about Kara and Kenley's codependent relationship) of drama with this group. Is it just there because it's a dessert reference? Anyway, Michael chooses Mondo, which, sure, is not a surprise. It's also not exciting news. Mondo's shorts are so short. And, he's wearing boots. He looks like really early Hannah Montana, which I suppose makes it all amazing. Mondo chooses cantaloupe and tells us that he's getting his cantaloupe... and eating it too.

Mondo chooses Mila, which I find interesting and sort of cool. Mila chooses milk and sour cherries and is given a swatch of white with red polka dots on it. The dude dishing the gelato gets some actual face time right now and he does honestly look like an angel. Mila say that she loves white and red. Fantastic. She chooses April and I could totally have predicted a kinship between the two of them. She says that she had hoped that no one would take blueberry, which is what she gets. Jerell wanted fruit of the forest. I don't know how. But, the swatch was a deep red, which made him happy. Kenley gets passion fruit. Austin chooses Vanilla Madagascar, naturally. It is only the most dashing of all of the flavor names. Anthony gets green tea. Rami says that he had his eye on kiwi from the beginning, so he's happy. And, that leaves us with Kara. Her flavor is chocolate with cayenne pepper. That could be hard. She interviews that she felt like the kid who dropped her ice cream in the park. I like.

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