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Kara tells us emphatically that she must have a color palette that is chic and simple and reads well. I still say that she's getting progressively crazier. April's current inspiration is Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Jerell thinks that she needs to soften it, but he doesn't get nasty about it. Kenley gets a case of the giggles, due to the craziness of this challenge. There is no black in Mila's outfit. What? I repeat, no black.

Michael finds, once he has put his fabric on the floor, that he cut a sleeve incorrectly. Kara is going to be cutting her skirt without a pattern. And, Austin has trouble with his sewing machine and starts to flip out. He interviews that an actual fashion designer would never be put in this predicament. Anthony says that he could really use a cocktail. Also, through all of this, Austin is wearing a wife beater. His jeans (also a shock) reveal him to be seriously ass-deficient, but the shirt is super cute.

Joanna comes in with more gelato. They're really pushing these sweets on them. She tells them not to stop working, because she knows it's the shortest challenge in Project Runway history. Well, they're not going to have time for snacks now either, Joanna. But, they've got a concept here and they're not giving up on it. She starts with Kara, who sounds like she may be sticking with the obvious color scheme a little more than she hinted at before. Joanna reminds her that she's under a lot of pressure to perform after her disastrous showing last week. April says that she's trying to stay inside her comfort zone for this challenge, but Joanna questions if she can achieve a fashion moment while playing it safe. Now, come on. April points out that she's working with color, but Joanna thinks the dark tulle overlay might be obscuring the color. She really likes the versatility of Mondo's look. Austin tells Joanna that he's going to use a blouson draping technique and she flat-out says to not channel the "wedding thing" but the fabulousness instead. That hurts. Rami is doing a wrap dress and Joanna wonders if he's trying to suck up to Diane. He giggles and says it's really more about time restraints. Anthony tells us that he doesn't like what Mila has designed. Whatevs. Joanna tells Michael that he's the envy of the other designers because he works so quickly. He tells her that he has been sewing since he was 10.

Joanna leaves, their models arrive and everybody starts jamming. Anthony tells his model that this challenges isn't about being a talented designer, it's about being a fast seamstress. True. Austin starts using a hot glue gun to finish his dress and he's mortified that it's all come to this. I have a feeling that he would rather eat human flesh than do this. There's really a lot of shit talk this week. Anthony thinks that Mondo's dress is a simple caftan and not special at all. April realizes that her dress doesn't fit her model and she doesn't have enough fabric. There's a moment where Austin approaches the sewing machine that he has been using and Kara is using it. He just looks at her. I don't really understand the feelings of ownership people have regarding the sewing machines, but it seems like they would have figured out all of that stuff by now, right?

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