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With two hours remaining, everyone is kind of delirious. Kenley's dress fits her model perfectly. Jerell actually says something nice about Mondo's dress! I was beginning there would just not be any love this week. OK, things look like they're going to be peaceful at the accessories wall this week. I don't see make-up daddy! I was really hoping to see if there would be a love connection with him and Rami. Jerell says that Kara's model looks like a pregnant cupcake in her dress. "That's not the business." He's making me like him. This could get interesting. April knows that the fit on her dress is off, but she doesn't really have time to do anything about it.

So, this movie The Vow. I'm not judging Rachel McAdam's character's choices, but I'd like to put this into the ether: if I ever wake from a coma and Channing Tatum tells me he's my husband, just tell me to go with it.

Angela greets the designers on the runway. She introduces Georgina, Isaac (do you think there's anything to the idea that he and Miss Piggy are never in the same room together?), Diana and supermodel Miranda Kerr. She looks like an actual dewy flower. Miranda will wear the winning design to an industry event. Mila says that would be a huge deal for her career.

The show begins with Mondo's dress. It's a drape-y kimono-style dress in a lovely bright orange, in honor of our friend the cantaloupe. The sleeves are giant and open and are a light green fabric. It is low-cut in back and belted. It's very cute. Very Palm Springs. Mondo says that he hopes that the judges realize that he's outside of his comfort zone.

Next is Michael's dress. Hmm. His gelato flavor was green tea. He made a short skirt of ivory tulle. The bodice is this structured asymmetrical green thing. It's interesting. Anthony says that he sees Diane wink at designers when she likes them. He did not get a wink.

Here's Kenley's dress. It's as straightforward as it gets. A sleeveless dress that ends above the knee and has a flowing skirt. That said, the color is fantastic and vibrant and the fit is perfection. Rami, who had kiwi, is up next. I don't know. it's these different swaths of green fabrics draped along the bodice and a wrap skirt. The fabrics on the bodice seem really inexpensive. Rami says that seeing the dress on the runway is actually the first time he has a chance to look at his design. It's hideous, but seriously I can't even blame him.

Here's Mila's dress. It's cute. Red and white and like a belted tunic. She feels good about it. OK, here's Jerell's look. It is a lot of look. There are straps and layers and his signature drape-y boob area. On a purely aesthetic level, it's a fucking disaster. Oh my God. Pure costume. But, when you consider the conditions under which this was created, it's remarkable. I hate it though. So, ugly. But, Diane gives him a thumbs up and Angel Cohn loved it, so maybe I had a stroke or something

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