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Kara's dress is next and it's this tiered cocktail dress that I think may be unintentionally empire waisted. Kara thinks that Isaac and Diane love it. I don't agree with her assessment. Michael's dress is here and it's pretty. It's actually grown on me during repeat viewings. It's, yeah, a belted choir robe that is low-cut in the front. It moves beautifully and was a smart design choice for this short turnaround.

Here's April's dress. It's several shades of violet, all dark. It's strapless with peaks at the bustline. I think it's pretty. April likes it, but she wishes that the skirt were longer. It certainly has some finishing issues, but I still think it's pretty cool. Austin's dress is up and it's a pretty one-shouldered white dress that reminds me of something a wood nymph might wear. Pretty ruching on the bodice and you can't tell that all of the appliques on the shoulder were applied with shameful hot glue. Austin seems happy with it. He thinks it's pretty and elegant.

The designers return to the stage. Rami, Kenley, Austin and Jerell are called forward. They're safe! The models return and Kara begins. She says that she was trying to depict the layers and layers of flavor in her chocolate pepper gelato, which sounds amazing by the by. The judges find her explanation so much better than the actual design. They slam her for making a dress that looks like maternity wear. Anthony explained that the top of his dress was inspired by melting ice cream. His concept is appreciated by the judges, but they think he went a little too far in that regard. Isaac thinks that Mila's look really screams cherry ice cream and Angela agrees. Diane feels that it looks like it was made quickly. Duh. Miranda likes that it looks easy to wear. Michael says that he wanted to make something beautiful because Diane is one of his idols. She loves his dress and tells him to call her after the show. Dear Lord. That's all we need. He makes a little too much of a deal about it, but fine.

Georgina feels that the darker purple overlay on April's dress was mistake. Isaac hates her accessorizing. Diane thinks that it looked unfinished. Angela says that she likes her ideas, but they don't often translate to the runway. Diane loves that Mondo's dress looks like a cantaloupe. Georgina likes that the different colors work so well together. Angela thinks it's really flattering.

The judges deliberate. They think that April and Anthony were too ambitious. Angela thinks that Kara's dress was offensive, but no one else seems quite as bothered. Diane thinks that April's look was Halloween and Georgina wonders if she doesn't have enough confidence.

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