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But, the models and designers are all together in the workroom, so I'm not really sure why Heidi took them away. Perhaps to change into clothes? Tim says that this challenge is about "the young, glamorous woman." Tim adds that they will all be using green fabrics -- environmentally responsible textiles. I'm not sure what it's like now, but I know that a decade ago textiles were responsible for an enormous percentage of the world's pollution. This is a neat idea. Leanne tells us that she always uses green materials. But there's a "Project Runway first" -- the models will do the shopping. Way to undermine the idea of promoting green textiles. You know those models are going to choose some stupid shit.

Stella interviews that someone who probably doesn't know much about fabrics will be choosing her materials. Well, her model's likely to at least look at it first before buying it, which is more than she can say for herself. Jerell turns to his model and asks, "You have taste, right?" Shannone interviews that Kenley seemed disgusted by the idea of her choosing fabric. Tim says that the models will have a budget of $75. Then, he takes them a way. No consultation or anything. Really though, they could have added this little twist during a challenge when they weren't trying to show how great green textiles were. Unless they're just big polluters and want to give the green stuff a bad name. Emily says that she screamed at her model Leslie as she was being taken away that she shouldn't forget to buy closures.

At Mood, Tim, who seems relieved to be away from the designers, tells the models that they will have 30 minutes to shop. Then, he sets them loose. They all seem to be taking the task very seriously. There is apparently a whole section in Mood for organic fabrics, but something tells me that sign was made just for this show. I believe that they have organic fabrics and all, but the sign looks like it was just Scotch taped onto the shelf a second ago. Elena, Daniel's model, says that she has no idea how much fabric to get, what trims will match with what fabrics, what color will look good in the first place. Another reason this challenge is a little off. Perhaps it's a lesson in making it work? Xaviera, Terri's model, says that she has no idea what she's going to get. She very honestly adds that she knows absolutely nothing about fashion. That's sort of awesome. Leanne's model Karalynn says that a lot of the models are getting the same material, perhaps because Mood's organic fabric section wasn't as large as it appeared on our TV screens. Tia, Rayon's model, says that she wasn't thinking about what her designer would like. She was thinking about what she liked and what would look good on her. I mean, she might be endangering her future on the show to not be considering the designer, but truth is she has a better chance succeeding with getting something that she knows will look good on her than trying to think like someone else. Runa, Keith's model, found some peacock feathers that she liked and she picked fabrics to match them. That's pretty bold.

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