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Let's Put The Models In Charge

As they are leaving, the models very loudly thank the Mood staff. Tim says that they are an enthusiastic bunch as he ushers them out the door and back to Parson's. In the workroom, Tim enters saying that he has returned with the models. Jerell interviews that his nightmare is that his model has purchased "remnants of nonsense." You see, Jerell, you were trying so hard to be quotable that you just said the most annoying phrase possibly ever. And, you were just quoted, so job well done. Tim sends the models in for a half hour caucus, then the designers will have until midnight to finish.

The models enter for their consultation. We see Shannone and Kenley first. Kenley is kind of a bitch about the whole thing. She grabs one piece of fabric and says, "This, I can't use." Fine, it was satin-y and yellow, but let's be nice. Kenley interviews that she's worried. We hear her sort of raising her voice at Shannone because she got jersey fabric. "This is T-shirt!" In her interview, Kenley says that jersey fabric is just not right for a cocktail dress.

Keith doesn't appreciate Runa's peacock theme. She got champagne and peach fabrics, which Keith says don't go together. And, he's all, "What am I gonna do with peacock feathers and peacock trim." Runa's gonna be real embarrassed when she sees this. You know though, we've all seen some designers trot some tacky-ass stuff on that runway. Sometimes the nature of the challenge pulls you out of your own personal world of taste. Give them a break. Why am I the model advocate?

Jerell likes what his model got. Wesley doesn't like what his model got. She got a light green fabric and a brown fabric-- and not enough of either. Rayon asks of Tia the first question I've heard posed to the models. Because, they're supposed to be the clients right? Anyway, he asks her if she's looking for fullness in the dress. He's really happy with the fabrics that Tia purchased. She got a silk and hemp blend plus a red jersey. He says that, since there isn't a lot of green fashion, he wants to make it sexy and chic and just as I'm about to think that Rayon is OK, he adds, "and still keep Rayon into it." It has to stop. Second episode. We can't go on like this. He does pull it back for a moment-- he says that there is a reason that they have been asked to consult with the models and that was to find out what they liked.

Stella says that her model, Kendall, is pretty crunchy and wanted something beachy and flowing. She says that's not her design aesthetic. Well, problem solved, I guess. With her nasal drone, Stella drawls to Kendall, "Here are the key words-- 'elegant' and 'classy'." She interviews that she is completely confused because this isn't what she does.

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