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Emily "Al Gore" Brandle tells us that she likes the green aspect of the challenge because of how "gnarly" it is that the fashion industry pumps pollutants into the world. Blayne hopes that Heidi will like his dress. Jerell assures him that she likes bold, bright colors. Isn't Heidi often wearing black? Blayne says to Jennifer that he has to prove himself to "Darth Vader." That's his name for Heidi, except he calls her "Darth Licious." Is licious the "fetch" of Project Runway? I'm afraid it is. It's never going to happen, Blayne. It's stupid, it's not new, and it doesn't even mean anything. Cease. He explains that Heidi is Darth Licious because she's all shiny on the outside, but inside she's "cu-raaa-zee." I honestly never thought I'd say this, but I really wish Jeffrey Sebelia were here to be mean to this douche.

Wesley is worried. He doesn't have much material and it's satin -- which shows every mistake. Since his model wants a very tailored dress, he feels like he needs more time than one day to finish it. Kenley finds out that Daniel has the same black fabric as she does, so she decides to use a champagne colored silk.

Korto loves her model, Katrina. Because Katrina is Puerto Rican and Korto is African, she feels that they really bond over having booties and hips and all. They understand each other. She wants her dress to enhance the curves on Katrina. Hmm. I'm sure she'll love that.

Stella's dress form is draped right now because she's trying to make something in the way that Kendall asked for it. Kelli calls her "Drapey Draperson." Stella interviews that she's not going to make a dress like Kendall wants her to make-- she's going to do what she does.

With 8 hours remaining in the workday, Rayon tells us that "Rayon decided" to cut a bunch of strips on the bias. "Rayon loves that," he says to himself. There are no more words for how I feel about that. He takes all of the strips to the machine and starts sewing. While sewing, he says, "Rayon is a bisexual Sagittarius who loves long walks on the beach and really loves working with small pieces of fabric." Leanne mentions to him that he also loves talking about himself in the third-person. She interviews that he needs to stop that.

Wesley, Joe, and Leanne all have the same fabric. Wesley seems unsure about what direction he should go in. In order to stand out from the others, Leanne decides to add cutouts with different shapes to her design. Kenley interviews that she is worried about Leanne because the additions are starting to look like too much. Korto feels like Wesley has copied her design because he's using pleating that she finds similar to hers. She goes up to several people and asks them if they think she's crazy for feeling that way, and they all do. Stella says that people shouldn't even be worrying about other people's work. She thinks it's distracting, which is pretty good advice.

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