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Jerell's model is up next. It's a very short dress with a halter neckline. There's a triangular cutout on the neckline that gives us a little more skin. There are two primary fabrics and they are paneled around the skirt of the dress. There are feathers at the base of the skirt. At the neck, it is bejeweled with more feathers. It's not the most tasteful thing I've ever seen, but it looks impeccably made. Jerell likes it. He says it's young (it's not) and it's not made of ugly brown fabric (right about that one).

Here is Jennifer's dress. Apparently, her model got all of the fabric at Mood. It's a long, flowing dress made of panels of orange and gray fabric. I'm kind of digging the color combo, to be perfectly honest. It falls below the knee and is a simple dress with lots of music. Most of the rigor in her design looks like it occurred in the paneling.

Daniel's dress is next. It's black, with a high waist. The skirt length is high in the front and dips lower in the back. The straps cinch under the arm and expand over the shoulder, which is a pretty effect. There are pockets in which Daniel has instructed his model to keep her hands.

Joe's dress is next. It's nothing crazy, but knowing that he used the fabric as Wesley and how much that fabric shows mistakes-- this looks terrific. It's a simple cocktail dress in brown, with spaghetti straps made of rhinestones. There's a small circular cutout lined with rhinestones that is right below the bust. It fits like a glove, which is really the accomplishment here.

Rayon's dress is next. It's short with cream and red strips crossing every which way. The bodice falls below the waist and is attached to a small cream skirt voluminized by some crinolines. Rayon says that he's happy with his dress. He feels like it's very young Hollywood and would look great on the runway. He sounds so full of shit.

Here's Kenley's dress. It looks like she went with the champagne fabric. It's a sleeveless, fitted dress with a skirt that falls below the knee. The collar is high and frames the model's face. It's OK. Kenley loves it. She thinks it's youthful. I don't really think it's that great.

Kelli's dress is up next. OK, I think I like her. It's hard to know in the first few challenges if someone's as bad ass as they first appear, but I think Kelli's got the goods. She uses cream and blue fabrics. The skirt is cream. The bodice has this twisting effect that uses panels of cream and blue. The blue covers most of the bodice and has a cinched, sweeping feel. The cream fabric covers the sleeves and has an asymmetrical look. There is a cutout on the back and there are streams of crinkled fabric hanging like ribbons. It's really gorgeous. Kelli says she's not wild about it, but it's not something that she would usually do and she's glad that she got the opportunity.

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