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Jonathan says that his look is "Veronica Lake meets C-3PO." I'm going to write a one-act play based on that very concept. Dust off the mantle, Jeeves, and make room for my Pulitzer! His accessory is going to be a clutch. He doesn't have a ton of time to devote to the accessory and acknowledges that it may make or break him.

And, Jay is in trouble. The model can't even get her FOOT into the pants. Emilio doesn't have anything to put on his model. He's changing plans and making a bathing suit. Holy shiz! Jay's model, before leaving, tells him she will grease herself with Crisco if he needs her to. Teamwork! With the models gone, Emilio takes off on his new course. Jay added panels on the sides of his pants and hopes that they will fit his model when she returns. He's making a sexy belt for his accessory.

Jesse decides that he will paint his copper material, so that it will not closely resemble the work of Ben and Jonathan, who are using the same material. Even with Tim's criticisms, he has no time to redesign and is aware of that.

The next morning, everyone's getting ready. Seth Aaron interviews that he can't wait for the show, because it's so unusual. Maya tells Mila that she can't wait to work with real fabric again. Mila commiserates because her fingers are raw. Jonathan jokes as a judge, "Everyone is in the bottom ten." Jesse points out that it's true.

At Parsons, everyone gets to work. Tim comes in and notices that everyone is stressed. He sends in the models. Emilio breaks it to his model that she's wearing a bikini on the runway. Jay manages to get his pants onto his model. Emilio's bikini bottom is too heavy with washers, so it has to be a one-piece. Anthony interviews that Emilio's look is not in the best of taste. He also says that Jesse, Seth Aaron and Ben have "tortured" looks. He is very thankful that Tim gave him that word. Maya is very happy with her look. Jesse says that he's prepared to defend his look. Emilio knows that his look is a wreck, but believes that it's a for real LOOK. It's time to hit the runway.

Heidi greets the designers. She introduces Michael, Nina and guest judge Isabel Toledo! She designed that chartreuse inauguration outfit of First Lady Obama's. Also "world renowned jewelry designer" Steven Webster. And, the show begins.

Mila's look is first. It's black and white plastic of some sort. The skirt is little blocks of black and white in tiers. The bodice is white in the middle and black on the sides. It really creates a slimming look. In the middle of the bodice, a strap of black and white extends upwards into a choker. It's got a retro feel and is pretty cool. Mila is happy with it as well. She thinks that this look shows the graphic nature of her work.

Here's Jesse's look. It's a gray bubble skirt with a metal bodice with a plunging neckline. He has transformed it from copper into the far less precious metal of aluminum. He thinks that it floats and it actually kind of does. He thinks that, love it or hate it, it's interesting. That's where he is wrong. It's nice enough, but not innovative and you can tell exactly that the materials came from a hardware store.

Jonathan's look follows. It's an interesting print dress of different shades of copper. It appears to have halter straps, though I really can't see the back. It fits well, which Jonathan notices gratefully. He is happy with how the dress works with the model.

Here's Anthony's look. It's a gray and lavender dress with a silver waistband. The gray fabric is creating some sort of flower appliqué thing at the waist. There is a strap that creates sort of a boatneck and holds up the bodice. There is a slender cut-out on the bodice that extends from the waist to the top strap. Anthony thinks that it looks like real fashion. I don't know. It looks kind of cheap to me.

Here is Ben's dress. Anthony was right. It is, in fact, tortured. It's all this crinkled copper in a sack dress formation. He says that it looks like it's levitating on the model, which it does. That, to me, means that it does not look like clothing, but Ben adds that it looks futuristic. That's a good save. It makes it seem more on purpose. There's a cut-out on the back, but it's too late for any of that now, Ben.

And, it's Emilio's non-starter. This is not a bikini. This is a bunch of washers with pink cords holding it up. There is no reason to this outfit. Emilio says that the judges' jaws dropped when his model walked out. He point out that it's a strong look and I would agree. Her hair is huge and her heels are high. It feels like a thing. Then, he says that he doesn't think anyone would know that his garment came from a hardware store. He's out of his mind. That's EXACTLY where it looks like it's from.

Here's Jay's look. It's pretty amazing. Skin tight black pants, with a striped pattern on them. It's paired with a blue and black striped strapless top that's belted. The belt is braided and amazing. He says that he pushed himself.

Seth Aaron was apparently thinking of "Too Funky" as well. It's a silver metal skirt with volume and a sculptural bodice that looks like that motorcycle corset thing that one of the models in the video wears. Bravo, Seth Aaron. No, it's just OK, but I do love that song. He loves the look.

Here's Amy's dress! It's awesome. A short, voluminous skirt of black that is matched with a fitted bodice that is strapless. Different colors of sandpaper form little peaks on the bodice and at the shoulder there is a fan. It looks great and Amy loves it as well.

Lastly, we have Maya's look. It's a simple strapless gray dress matched with a sculptural wire jacket. Also, the key necklace is awesome. She did such a great job. This looks great. She says she wants the judges to wonder about her materials.

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