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If You've Got Nothing Nice To Say, Come Design By Me

Back at the workroom, Casanova tells some of the designers that he's thinking of quitting, because he can't hear anymore criticisms of his taste. Ivy interviews that he's a little bit of a diva, which is to be expected from a "queen." OK, deep breaths, I'm sure she didn't really mean it to sound like that. Because. If she did. I will QUIT this recap right now.

Valerie freaks out because she forgot to buy a zipper. Cute Michael reassures her and tells her that she'll be fine. She interviews that Murphy, from the erstwhile Murphy's Law, is not a friend of hers. Ivy gives her a zipper. Kristin is freaking. She's making lots of excuses in her interviews: it's too literal, she's not literal. Blah. You know what you've got to make it do.

Valerie is having doubts about her work. Ivy feels confident, but she doesn't want to pass out. So, she eats a salad with some sort of red meat in it. Live Strong, Ivy. Kristin is saying now that she is, in fact, inspired by her hat. She used orchids at her wedding, and they happen to look like vaginas, so she is missing her husband. Thanks for that. Other Michael says that Kristin is a character, then we see Casanova slap her really hard on the ass. That's fun. A.J. interviews that he thinks she's crazy. You know, he's not as fun as I'd hoped.

So, it's Father's Day and Other Michael has a 6-year old son. Everybody wishes him a happy artificial holiday. Then, we see him ask Ivy if she likes what he's doing to his design and she replies, "If that's your style." Ouch. She interviews that he's an insecure designer and his design is a "hot mess." He has a seam that is really effed on his dress, and April quietly points it out, though he already knows it.

Tim enters and talks to Valerie. He thinks that maybe she doesn't need to use the zippers. She likes them as a design detail. April is making hot pants, which Valerie interviews that she doesn't feel should be on the runway or with a Philip Treacy hat. Why? That's such a limiting and boring thing to say! Tim, however, doesn't like the cut or the color. It reminds him of a diaper, which makes April laugh. She says that she would wear them... if her butt were small enough to fit in them. She's cute.

Cute Michael is so... well, it's in his name. His little work outfit is making me CRAZY. He's wearing these high-waisted pants with overalls over a tank top, plus a matching flat cap. And a chain and dark glasses. Love it. Copying it. Probably ruining it. Tim thinks that he's moving in the right direction, but cautions him to be both daring and safe. Have fun mixing those, you little nugget. OK, Tim criticizes the neckline of Kristin's garment and she agrees and just starts a-cuttin'. What? Gretchen, looking on, interviews that she doesn't like Kristin's work. A.J.'s using polka dots, but Tim thinks that they should line up. Peach says she's going to make a short skirt but doesn't want to "show the good china." Yes, she did.

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