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If You've Got Nothing Nice To Say, Come Design By Me

Christopher is using a print that Tim loves. Loves it. Christopher interviews that he feels that he's been fairly "steady" in the competition without really taking off. Tim tells Casanova that his dress is tired. Casanova thinks that he has to do well, because he is not "a cat with seven lives." Hmm. Tim reminds him that he needs to think of what woman would wear his hat, and he replies that the hat is too editorial and no one would wear it. Jesus. How has the underside of that rock been? For living? Valerie says that with guidance and his great sewing skills, Casanova could go far. Tim tells Other Michael that he should be worried. He says that he needs to change his design. Before leaving, Tim tells everyone that the winner of the challenge will have immunity in the next challenge.

Other Michael starts over. He's not feeling very confident. Gretchen says that April's work looks like "student work," which I find so fucking annoying. Didn't the Proenza Schouler boys get their start while still students? Close. Anyway, I hate her for that. Like you need some sort of secret pass to be legitimate.

Everybody scrambles and is done for the night (Cute Michael didn't even finish his skirt). Back at the apartments, everybody, girls and guys alike, talk trash about Casanova. Some of the dudes think that Cute Michael's piece looks like cardboard.

The next day, they're all up and at 'em. Other Michael says that he's worried about April, because her pants look like a diaper. Back at the workroom, they scramble. The models enter, and hair and make-up begins. Mondo is having a mustache drawn onto his girl, which I think is pretty brilliant. The make-up artist says, "Have a seat over here, handsome!" to his model. Heh. Other Michael feels happy with his new dress, but Casanova says every girl in Puerto Rico has that dress in their closet. Kristin says that she's trying to convey romance with her design. Christopher mentions that everyone has mentioned liking his design.

Philip Treacy puts the hats on all of the models. "Why on earth have you got a mustache?" he asks Mondo's model. And, it's time to get this party started. Heidi greets the designers on the runway, while wearing a Philip Treacy creation herself. She introduces Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Philip.

The show begins with Other Michael. It's a pretty boring multi-layered party dress. It complements the hat, but it's still boring. Gretchen made pants and a flowy top. Kind of boring and a little too matchy. Kristin's look is a mess. A mess! She used black and magenta, which I sort of like. But it's in satin and just looks cheap as hell. She is happy with it, though. Cute Michael's look is next, and it's pretty rad. The hat is sort of an upside-down fortune cookie and the neckline of his top, which is made with a brown pleated fabric, mimics the opening of the cookie. He matched it with a red skirt that has an interesting rumpled look. Michael is thrilled! Valerie's look is next. It's a red dress with a white shrug. I think it's incredibly well-made, but not very exciting. A.J.'s polka dot dress is very cute and does a lot for the hat, actually. Andy made a Miami lady's suit. It's... OK. I don't know. There's something very "local seamstress" about it. Ivy's look is seriously gorgeous. A white skirt and lovely wrap top of beige (with some mesh on the back) that really makes the red hat pop. She says she's emotional seeing it come down the runway, but maybe she's just about to pass out again.

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