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If You've Got Nothing Nice To Say, Come Design By Me

Here's April's look, and I quite like it from the front. It's a nice silhouette and looks modern and cute. From the back, though... It doesn't fit the booty so well. Christopher's look is next, and I think it's really cool. It's a voluminous sort of waistcoat over gray tights. Love it. Peach's look is so tight. And, it's so boring. Her stuff is so far away from cool. This is something the redhead on Glee might wear. The one with the mental problems. Casanova's dress looks fine but is so Linda Evans. Mondo's girl comes out in polka dot pants and a short purple vest. It's kind of Prince, but I like the confidence he had in just putting it out there. Christopher says, "Good job. You're amazing. I don't know what planet you came from." If Mondo doesn't feel like he's made a friend now, he's not trying. People don't say stuff like that to you every day.

The show is over, and Heidi calls Kristin, both Michaels, Christopher, Valerie and April. The rest are free to pee. They leave and the models return. Backstage, everyone is saying how Christopher killed it. They think Other Michael is in the bottom. They also think that Valerie is in the bottom because her look and her mask have nothing to do with each other. The judges like Cute Michael's look. Nina thinks it's very dramatic and works really well with the hat. Michael thinks that Kristin's dress is no good. He hates the black satin. He says that there is no harmony to the dress. Nina thinks that she didn't have a plan. They think her dress is contradictory (soft/hard, not flowing/not architectural). Heidi thinks that Christopher's look is... sad. She's not a fan. Michael thinks all of the stuff he used fights the hat. Nina thinks it's over-designed. Huh? Philip thinks that Christopher tried to make the hat day wear, and he says that's wrong. Fine. These guys are stupid. That outfit is pretty fucking cool. And, Michael Kors just said the jacket fabric looked like drapes, and he REGULARLY makes menswear with the subtle shades of yellow reminiscent of yum-yum yellow on life preservers. He should talk.

They love Other Michael's dress. Michael thinks it's the picture of harmony. Philip thinks the use of iridescence was clever. Weird. Michael thinks that April's execution is too literal. Now, I'm no fan of the Neapolitan color scheme of her hot pants, but I don't think they're that bad. Nina thinks that she ran out of ideas. April says she didn't want to overpower the hat. They love Valerie's look. Heidi thinks it looks well-made. Michael thinks that it's unexpected. Nina finds the coyness of the mask is translated into the mask. Philip doesn't understand it. She says that she thought about evening wear but chose to make something more her.

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