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If You've Got Nothing Nice To Say, Come Design By Me

Backstage, Other Michael gloats. Everyone seems shocked about the results. April gets choked up, because she felt confident that her look was her. Onstage, Michael says that Christopher's look was not fragile. Nina says it was dated and I really just think she's wrong. They were not fans of Kristin's look. Michael felt the design was incoherent and not joyous. They hated April's look, though Heidi at least likes that she made separates.

The designers return to the stage. Valerie is in. The Michaels are the top two. And the win goes to... Other Michael. Shut the fuck up. This season is quickly pissing me OFF. Other Michael cries like a bitch, but I'm just being mean. He goes backstage and no one really seems happy. Ivy interviews, "What the fuck?" Gretchen interviews that he's not a visionary. Cute Michael is in. Fuck that noise. Christopher is in. Backstage, Peach tells him that they all thought he was in the top. It's probably because they're all students that they were too stupid to know what was really good. It's down to April and Kristin. Back to the losers. Heidi tells Kristin that her work was disappointing and not happy. She tells April that her look confused the judges with her ill-fitting and too-literal outfit. Kristin is... out. April goes backstage and gets a huge hug from A.J. and Peach. Casanova gets in her face and says that, because they've been in the bottom twice, they "cannot." April mimics him, then calls him "Alejandro."

Kristin gets her kisses, then goes backstage. She interviews that she's happy to go back to the real world. She tells everyone that it was a pleasure meeting everyone and she thinks they're all talented. She gives Tim a big hug and kiss then leaves. She says that this was a great experience and she's still confident in her own abilities. Like we've heard before, this is only the beginning for her.

Back at the Atlas Building, everyone is talking shit about Other Michael's dress. Someone congratulates him and he says that it was surprising yet well-deserved. Oh, God.

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