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Then, Tim welcomes this lady Suzanne Timmins and she's a VP at Lord & Taylor. She seems nice enough but then she starts talking and sounds like a total robot. She puts her hands purposefully in her pockets in her skirt and says that the L&T customer is looking for pieces that are on trend and complement her wardrobe and style. Samantha is not bothered by the robot behavior and says that she has been shopping at the store since she was a little girl. She feels like she has an edge over the other designers. For this challenge, Tim says that their inspiration should be the Lord & Taylor rose, which has apparently been a symbol of the store since 1943. I feel like I've never seen that as a part of any display for the store, but maybe I just wasn't looking. Crazy Suzanne sways back and forth and tells them to use their imaginations as she is shining down on them with some serious Manson lamps. They will be designing for Spring 2013 and the winning look will be sold at the store and displayed in the window. Michelle interviews that it is every designers dream to see someone wearing the design that they created. Richard interviews that this is a huge opportunity and that it would take years for him to get to the point where he could have a design sold at Lord & Taylor. Suzanne reminds everyone that the dresses must be available for retail at under $250. FYI, I'm obsessed with her crazy performative way of speaking. I imagine that she is maybe a terrifying boss. Or, the best boss ever. Tim says that every two-person team is responsible for two looks and the three-person team is responsible for three looks. So, every person has to make a look. Then, he says that every person has $75 budget. That's really small.

The teams start to caucus and we hear Michelle say that she wants to make a dress and a rain vest, because she comes from a rainy climate and that is what makes her think of spring. Sure. Daniel says that he is thinking of a jacket and pants. Michelle asks if he thinks that a woman is really going to want to buy pants for spring. I'd ask if she thinks a woman really wants a vest with her dress, but that's just me. Daniel interviews that his challenge is to be modern. He reveals to Michelle that he's actually thinking of making shorts and it sounds like she likes it.

Patricia tries to explain her idea to Stanley and he tries to lead her in another direction. She sees what is going on and interviews that, with controlling people, you have to just nod and agree until they leave you alone. Richard, Layana and Samantha are having an even worse time. Samantha seems happy with her design. Layana tries to engage the team and Richard doesn't even respond to her. He interviews that no one is paying attention to her and she can go flip her hair somewhere else. Honestly though. She seems to think that everyone is really preoccupied with her cuteness all of the time. That's not true. In fact, I'm only thinking about her cuteness when there is Thunder from

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