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Down Under around. She interviews that she doesn't care that Richard isn't talking to her and actually it's better. Huh. Thats's funny, because she actually looks really awkward when Richard is ignoring her. Is this better? Or, is she just trying to play Mean Girl 2.0? The part after someone sees through her shit and she has to look like everything is fine.

At Mood, Stanley tells us that he is making a shift dress and he is lowering the hem. Daniel chooses a really electric pink. Michelle says that pink is not her signature pink, which makes her even less like Julia Roberts that she was before. And, let's face it, she was very little like Julia Roberts to begin with. But, she says that great things can happen with the color in a way that is actually condescending. It's like she is planning her moment where she talks shit about the color for later. Layana finds a print with the colors that she wanted. Richard decides to make a dress that is black with a strip of pink along the front. He tells us that it is going to be "EVERYTHING." He says that in such a way that seems as if he thinks that will be a sound bite. I don't know. Help me out here, Richard. I'm trying to defend you, but if you are selling your own speech quirks in little nuggets for the production team, I will have a harder time. Samantha has a difficult time orienting herself and grabbing all of the stuff that she needs.

At the workroom, Patricia makes some mock-up pants and Stanley tells her not to make anything trendy. He interviews that he does not like to lose, so he is not worried about maybe being a hard-ass. Patricia is getting pissed off and feels like Stanley is an asshole. It's funny, she doesn't reveal any of that when she is talking to him. I think that people feel like they know Patricia very well because she seems sort of like an open book, but she's got some game. She is not letting on that she knows all of these people are dicks. At least, I thought she wasn't showing anything. Then, all of a sudden, Stanley tells her that she needs to listen when they have discussions instead of getting defensive. She just looks at him as he stares at the ground and says that when "we" saying something, she should think about it. They are a team of two. Who is the "we"? She interviews that he should "freaking be cool." That sort of makes me love her.

Samantha is stressed that Richard and Layana aren't speaking. Layana knows that Richard is unhappy with her and says that he has been acting like that since she won her first challenge. You mean, the one that Daniel actually won for you? Whatever, I really think I hate her now. I think we're done. She needs to tell us that she really doesn't care if Richard doesn't want to speak to her. So, maybe you are part of the problem as well? As soon as I write that, Richard comes on in an interview and offers us the underheard chestnut that he's not here to make friends. You are apparently also not here to create and use original phrases. So be it, though they are EVERYTHING. Original phrases. They are EVERYTHING. I'm losing my mind with these people.

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