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Michelle hates the pink that Daniel is using. She is really obvious about how much she hates it, though she tells him that she loves it. She tells us that she hates it though. He explains that happy colors are for happy pieces, which kind of breaks my heart. She tells us that it's like Barbie's 16th Birthday. Wow, that's so helpful now that we are at a totally different place from where fabric choices are made. Daniel tries to convince her that the fabric will transform once he starts working at it, but she doesn't offer him much in the way of support. He interviews that she is being very negative about his fabric choice. He says that he is just going to let it roll of his back.

Patricia is doing a thing where she is wetting her fabric to create her textile. Stanley doesn't get it at all. He hounds her about the fact that the dress has to be right for mass production. She interviews that trying things is part of the creative process and she wants to be left alone to just do her thing.

Tim comes in for his consultation. He starts with Richard, Layana and Samantha and asks to have the looks described by the people who aren't making them. Richard and Layana describe Samantha's look as young and flirty. Richard interviews that he thinks that she has a lot of work to finish, but he thinks that she can do it. Samantha tells Tim that she is thinking of having a heart cut-out on the back of her dress and he tells her "why not?". Hmm. That's not saying that you should do it, Samantha. But, she's just excited because this is the first positive review that she has gotten from Tim. Samantha says that she likes Layana's dress. Richard says that he thinks of spring as softer than Layana's look and you see Samantha and Layana shoot looks at each other like he's just being spiteful, but Tim agrees. Layana says that she doesn't like pink, when Tim asks her about Richard's look. He describes his girl as shopping and wearing big glasses and whatnot. Layana interviews with the most infuriating smirk that Richard is so much more creative when he's talking about the story behind his look. She thinks he is compensating for a lack of creativity. Tim suggests that the judges may feel that they have seen his dress before.

Patricia explains her look and Tim worries that it may be too expensive to manufacture. She interviews that she is ready to go with something simple. Stanley explains his shift dress and Tim wants to know what is new about it. He thinks that Stanley needs to add something, but Stanley says that he's not changing anything. Michelle explains her vest and dress to Tim. He loves the dress, but he feels that the vest is gloomy. Stanley thinks that it looks more concrete jungle than springtime. Tim thinks that her dress is a knockout, but the vest is not part of that. As Richard is describing his look to Tim, he emphasizes how much he loves the pink color. Tim asks him why he feels compelled to say that and he explains that "someone" thinks that pink is a bad word. Meanwhile, Michelle has been making faces behind Daniel's back the entire time, like she's so offended aesthetically she might projectile vomit all over the workroom. She then acts demure about her criticism, as if she would rather just die than hurt Daniel's feelings. She is a monster. Daniel has what is maybe the best responses to anything that has ever happened on this show. With the most serious of faces, he interviews, as if speaking to Michelle directly, that he thinks that pink would look very pretty on her. It's shaming and perfect. Wow, the editors were working overtime this week. Tim explains carefully that this is not a very sophisticated color. It screams to him Joan Collins. Michelle chimes in "yeah" and cute quickly to an interview with Daniel saying, "Cause I love Joan Collins!" Brilliant. You know, I'm back on the Daniel Crazy Train. Tim (and I'm not sure I don't hate this move) asks Michelle if she would wear this look. Michelle says that she doesn't think a hip 21-year old girl with cash would go for it. I'm not even playing devil's advocate when I say that I think Taylor Swift has worn like this exact thing. My point is, no one asked any of these guys if they would have worn the stripper clothes. Different, I know, but STILL. It just throws the dynamic and you can tell that Daniel hates it. He interviews that he MUST adapt his look.

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