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That night, Daniel and Michelle confide to their respective roommates about their conflict in the workroom. Michelle says that, if Daniel were to go home, she'd feel bad for him but she wouldn't care. Fuck off.

The next day, the get back to the workroom. Daniel and Michelle hug first thing. Samantha is still not finished. Tim comes in and gives them the countdown to the runway. Patricia takes a moment to say that she hates the pink of Daniel's dress too. The models come in for their fittings, then it's on to hair and make-up. Scott Patric, hot make-up daddy, is there in full effect. It looks like he got a haircut. We're all still attending the gun show. With ten minutes remaining, several of the girls are still not even dressed. Samantha sees that she has some major fit problems with her dress. Layana takes a moment to tell us that all Richard does is a color-blocked jersey dress.

On the runway, Heidi greets everyone. She introduces Rachel Roy who is filling in for Zac, Nina and guest judge Bonnie Brooks of Lord & Taylor. Oh, I like her. There's something very early Helen Gurley Brown about her. Say that sentence really quickly a few times. The show begins with Patricia's look. It's short melon colored slacks and a flowing top with spaghetti straps. It's beautiful. A bunch of layers and it looks really expensive. I can see a lot of ages wearing it as well. And, let's not get it twisted, the Lord & Taylor demographic is much more in Daniel's or Patricia's wheelhouse than any of these shitty young-ish things. Stanley's dress is next and it's right below the knee and melon colored as well. The neckline is sort of Givenchy, but otherwise it's pretty straightforward. It's chic though. I could see a bunch of girls maybe buying this to wear to a wedding.

Richard's dress is next. It's floor-length and black jersey with a pink block along the vertical. It's pretty, but casual. Samantha's dress is next. It's a cute little baby doll dress in pink, coral and periwinkle. It has a black belt and a heart cut-out in the back. There are ruffles in the skirt and it's a really good idea, but it is not well made. It's super short and the cut-out looks like it's melting on the model's back. Next is Layana's dress. It's a floor-length floral print with a halter top and black belt. Both the belt and the straps are made with leather. I understand the contrast as a concept, but this doesn't work for me. It's made really well though. I wonder if she asked someone for help.

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