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Daniel dress is next. It looks nice. It's not super special, nor is it very young. It's a pretty pink dress with pronounced shoulders and some interest along the vertical in the form of some flowing pleating. Next is Michelle's dress and it's gorgeous. It's chartreuse with gray panels at the neckline and the hem. It's drop waisted and it's very chic. There's a v-shape in the back that is very cool.

Afterwards, Heidi tells Patricia and Stanley that they are safe. Michelle and Daniel are the winning team. Daniel starts to cry, which makes Heidi laugh. All of the models return to the runway. Michelle explains that she was trying to make her dress like a rosebud. Heidi loves it. Rachel thought it was smart and easy. Nina thinks that it will work with many shapes and sizes. She also loves the styling. Bonnie thinks that the Lord & Taylor accessories wall was well-utilized as well. Daniel says that he was happy that he listened to Michelle's input. Bonnie thinks that the color would look great in the window of the store. Nina thinks that it could have used more detail. Heidi continues saying that it wasn't original. Rachel thinks he should try feeling his designs more. Heidi thinks that Samantha used the rose motif too literally. She also thinks it's too junior. Rachel actually appreciated the design elements in the garment. Rachel's one cool chick. Her advice is so heartfelt. Nina likes that Samantha takes risks, but she thinks that she failed. Bonnie thinks that it's fun. Heidi says that she would buy Richard's dress. Nina was not particularly impressed, because she has seen the same thing from Richard. Bonnie thinks that it's beachy, but too dressy for that. Rachel thinks that no woman should match her handbag and shoes. Is this new? Nina likes the leather in Layana's dress, but she hates the print. Rachel loves the dress. Heidi hates the print too.

Heidi asks who should go home and Samantha says Richard because his dress is simple. Richard says Samantha because of the fit of her dress. Layana says Samantha because she would be more interested in seeing a collection from her. That's so shitty. I hate her. The judges confer and it's pretty clear that they love Michelle's dress.

The designers return to the stage and, yep, Michelle is the winner. Her dress will be sold at Lord & Taylor! Daniel is safe. Layana is safe. Richard He hugs Samantha and leaves the stage. When he goes backstage, Layana says, "Your in?" like she's too stupid to know how rude that sounds. I mean, don't get me wrong, I think she's an idiot, but she knows what she's doing. So rude. She interviews that she thinks it's time for Richard to go home. It's time for her to go to hell.

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