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High Flying Fashion

Angela shows her stupid rosettes and calls them "signature Angela." Michael thinks that the silk linen that she used for her pants is the worst possible fabric for her to have chosen. Francisco doesn't think it's a very "happy choice," considering it will wrinkle so badly. Michael says that she looks like a wreck just standing on the runway, and would look like a homeless person after traveling.

Laura says that her dress is intended for parties, as that's the destination of choice for her idea of a jet-setter. Francisco doesn't like the knot of fabric in the back, but Michael says that you could bring it around and tie in the front. Nina thinks that Laura's dress would translate as chic anywhere.

Heidi asks Jeffrey where he's going, and he replies, "Isn't it apparent?" He says that first he's going to the jet, which might have to sit on the runway while everyone "calms down." Then he would be going to a concert. Because he's a huge goddamn rock star. Francisco thinks he looks great. Heidi thinks it looks expensive. Nina says that it's "now."

Vincent says that he wanted comfortable, "ease," and "minimal." Heidi ain't buying. She thinks it looks too easy. Francisco comes to Vincent's defense, saying he thinks it's an intellectual way to approach the challenge. Heidi still feels it's too basic. Nina adds that something so simple must be executed perfectly, and she doesn't feel that Vincent did that. Michael Kors thinks it looks like the pajamas they give you in first class. He agrees that it's comfortable and easy, but he doesn’t see any "twist." "I'm the twist," replies Vincent. Nina just kind of laughs, and Michael says, "This is a design competition."

Michael Knight says that he is going to the Hamptons to "chill with P. Diddy." He is a product of hip-hop, hence the "bling" accoutrements, and he loves American style, hence the seersucker. Francisco thinks he looks "smart." Nina says that she totally sees where he is going. Michael Kors likes it too, adding that seersucker is great to travel with because it doesn’t wrinkle (it's already wrinkled).

KoMC says that he would be traveling and expecting the paparazzi to see him, so he'd want to look fabulous. Nina says, "Kayne or Elvis?" Ooh, it has begun. Michael says that the outfit is made well, but is over the top. He's going to be the lead photo in "What Was He Thinking?" if the paparazzi catch him. Kayne of Many Sad Colors. Lots of blues.

Heidi tells the designers that they want to see how the designers' outfits travel. They have one hour to get to their apartments and pack, because they are flying out of town. And they don't know where they're going. I guess that's fun and all, but am I watching this show to see what surprise vacation they're going to go on? Commercials.

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