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High Flying Fashion

Catherine judges, and Laura is "in." Vincent is "in." Catherine says the winner was between Michael and Jeffrey. I can hardly understand a thing she says, and I have closed captioning, but the short form is that Jeffrey wins. He interviews that it was validation, because there are at least two other challenges that he feels he should have won. That's the spirit! He adds that God is alive and in his life, unlike when he was given Angela's mom as a model. That must be some AA stuff, Jeffrey thinking that God gives a rat's ass about who wins Project Runway. Maybe God was looking out for someone else before -- you ever thought of that, Jeffrey? Because I've been thinking that Vincent's had a big-ass angel on his shoulder for a while now. Michael is "in." Uli looks freaked out, but she's "in."

Catherine tells KoMC that he looks ridiculous and like a "fake pop star." She thinks Angela looks like she's "coming from another world." "You are not a jet-setter." Oh my God, this bitch is so French. Angela is "out." Tim tells her that she'll have to clean up her workspace, which is stupid since she hasn't worked there. But Tim's a little bit of a robot when it comes to those speeches. He can't stop himself.

Jeffrey says that he's ecstatic Angela is gone. He doesn't even think she's a clothing designer. Instead, she's an "artsy-craftsy macaroni-gluer." Why so angry about her if you're so much better than her? Your fucking eyebrows make me want to cut myself.

Michael says that he's sad to see Angela go because she has a great spirit and smile, and "there is so much about her that is really really good." She waves to everyone and leaves. I feel really bad for her. I've sad it before and I'll say it again -- I too found her really annoying. But I just think it would suck to have been treated the way that she was. She interviews that she'll have to fly back home now and is very sad. She says that she has learned a lot from the experience. She's not sure where she'll end up now, but is excited for the possibilities. See ya, Angie.

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